GCash, PasaJob launch GJobs

GCash is partnering with PasaJob to introduce a brand new job matching platform housed within the GCash superapp called GJobs.

The feature was formally made available to the public last September 25, 2023 and was developed by the two partners. GJobs powered by PasaJob is a unique job matching platform supercharged with a patented long-chain referral system which simplifies and accelerates the hiring process.

This solution aims to solve the problem faced by both employers and job seekers. A 2017 study by Glassdoor showed that a top barrier for many companies when it comes to recruiting people is the quality of candidates, while many job seekers find it difficult to find jobs that fit their training, skills, and knowledge. With GJobs and its network of referrers, information can flow through social networks.
Each job posting on the GJobs platform comes with a referral fee that is visible to every person using the platform. As such, people are incentivized to reach out to family, friends, or colleagues to share the job opportunity. Once the person is hired, the referrer or referrers get the referral fee.
“The launch of GJobs is an extension of our ‘Finance for All’ vision. Not only are we helping Filipinos find their dream jobs, we are also helping people earn by referring their friends or family to these job vacancies. GJobs not only helps job seekers and employers connect, we are making the entire hiring process rewarding even for the referrers,” said GCash Chief People Officer, Robert Gonzales.
This partnership between GCash, the country’s leading name in fintech, and PasaJob, the first long-chain referral-based job platform in the Philippines, is especially significant as they are bringing together their expertise to directly benefit GCash’s millions of customer base.
“We are proud to work with GCash to make GJobs powered by PasaJob available on their superapp,” PasaJob Co-Founder and CEO, Kristen Mariano said. “With GJobs now, quite literally in the palm of millions of Filipinos, we know that we can connect job seekers to their dream jobs, build bridges for employers and the best talent in their respective industries, and reward referrers who help employers find the right candidates for them.”
This process of using referrers to find the best candidates have been shown to be effective in various studies conducted overseas. Reports point that 88 percent of employers say that their most preferred recruitment is through the process of referral. Referred employees are also proven to stay longer with the companies that hire them. In fact, they are shown to stay 70 percent longer than other employees. Referrals also dramatically shorten the hiring period. Zippia reports that the average hiring process can take up to 42 days, but it can be reduced by up to 29 days.
“Referring friends or family to a job is a very Filipino trait. It’s something inherent to us. So, what we’re doing with GJobs is taking this insight and creating an intuitive job board that is propelled by referrals. We know that this solution will redefine job hunting and job posting, so we hope that people sign up for this service within the GCash superapp,” Robert Gonzales said.
To sign up for a GJobs account, you may download the GCash app from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. For more information, please visit https://pasajob.com/gjobs.

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