Chris Larocca Unveils Anticipated New Album ‘I Cried My Eyes Out’

Toronto-based producer, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Chris LaRocca today released his 13-track album, 'i cried my eyes out' on Red Bull Records/Wonderchild. Effortlessly traversing indie rock, soulful R&B, and powerhouse pop, LaRocca is as impressive in his production as he is in his prose. 

He gets personal with listeners, shining a light on internal struggles he’s faced but been reluctant to speak about, until now. His vulnerability on issues with the music industry, falling out of love, and finding his voice are triumphant moments on the record that have you rooting for LaRocca. The title track illustrates that best, as the blood, sweat, and tears he’s poured into his craft come alive in the earworm chorus. Accompanying the album, the official video for “i cried my eyes out” personifies these ups and downs he’s embraced over the last few years, told through four relatable stories.

LaRocca shares, “As creatives, we sacrifice so much of our personal lives and mental health to get to where we want to be. All that the audience sees is the final result - they don't see any of what went into it, and I wanted to pull the curtain back on that process and what it does to us. With this album I wanted to be unapologetically raw about how a lot of artists and creatives feel but don't speak about publicly. It's okay to feel like you're not where you want to be, and I just want everyone who's struggling in their own lives to find some solace in that idea. It's not an easy pathway, and there will be tears for many reasons, but if you can push through and make something you're proud of that can inspire others to do the same, you're doing something right.”

Earlier this summer, LaRocca released two EPs – 'perhaps!' and 'smile because it happened' – with tracks from each project dispersed across 'i cried my eyes out'. The four new songs are welcomed additions, including "bad," a dreamy and anthemic heartbreaker, and "troubadours," an introspective page from LaRocca’s past, dripping in silky harmonies. While he’s lauded for working with artists like Kali Uchis, Russ, and Stray Kids, LaRocca has carved his own irreplicable sound on this full-length. Since signing to Grammy-nominated producer WondaGurl’s new imprint earlier this year, LaRocca has been carving a path of his own after years of building an impressive career behind the booth. In the last 6 months, LaRocca has experienced tremendous growth, with Spotify followers increased by +12%, Instagram followers by +10%, and YouTube subscribers by +6.5%. The total streams for the album tracks that have already been released throughout the year have now surpassed 1 MILLION. Additionally, with 🇵🇭 #3 Philippines, 🇲🇾 #5 Malaysia, and 🇮🇩 #6 Indonesia in his top 10 streaming countries in the world, LaRocca's career shows no signs of slowing down.

About Chris LaRocca
A penchant for just the right amount of disorder is woven into Chris LaRocca’s roots. The Toronto vocalist and producer’s first exposure to music was through the jazz his father played around his childhood home in Woodbridge, Ontario, opening his ears to the likes of Miles Davis and John Coltrane. Later in his youth, he played in bands with friends, morphing through screaming post-hardcore, electronic-tinged indie, and the unconventional spirit of math rock.

His early solo work earned praise from the likes of Zane Lowe and The FADER, setting him up for his 2023 breakout EP, ‘perhaps!’. It’s the perfect encapsulation of what he wants his music to be filled with – brilliantly compelling, organised chaos. Three of its four songs crackle and fizz with digital dynamism, meshing a wealth of ideas and experiments that create cohesive, addictive gems. WondaGurl, the Grammy-nominated Canadian producer, songwriter, and head of Wonderchild, the label to which LaRocca is signed in partnership with Red Bull Records, quickly gave it her seal of approval, instilling new confidence in her second signee.

‘perhaps!’ was followed by a second EP, ‘smile because it happened’ – a collection of forward-thinking creations that pull inspiration from hip-hop to timeless ‘60s pop. Together the two records laid the foundation for his debut album, ‘i cried my eyes out,’ designed to give a “bird’s eye view” of LaRocca working on his craft. The first half encapsulates him feeling “down and out”, ready to quit being an artist and focus on songwriting for others (he has worked with the likes of Kali Uchis, Stray Kids, Russ).

The album’s title track became the song that convinced LaRocca to keep pursuing the solo side of his career. “It tied the whole project together, and everything in my life started to make sense,” he says. “It’s like every part of me – it’s soulful, soft and songwriter-y, but then it’s chaotic, loud, live and raw.”

Looking ahead, he has simple aims for the role he wants his music to play for people. The album contains themes of growing up, struggling, and letting your family down – things he sees everyone being able to understand. “We’re all in the same boat,” he reasons. “There’s no power dynamics here. If you’re listening to my music, you’re my friend now – I just want people to feel like they’re in my community.” 

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