Out With the Old, In With the New

The Philippines’ energy market is constantly evolving. And along with it, businesses are in dire need of guidance and help in procuring their energy resources as it has become a cumbersome and time-consuming process.

Good thing, there is SolX– a game-changer in the Philippine energy sector.

Prior to SolX, energy procurement used to be complex and challenging, particularly for large-scale businesses. Companies had to navigate through the process of looking for energy providers, reviewing contracts, and at the same time, dealing with fluctuating market prices. This intricate landscape often resulted in fragmented energy procurement processes, making it difficult for businesses to navigate and optimize their energy-sourcing strategies.
SolX, the Philippines’ leading end-to-end digital energy solutions company, realized that all these could be resolved with the right technology. And with its cutting-edge platform, SolX aimed to simplify energy procurement, making it convenient, cost-effective, and transparent for its clients.
A One-Stop Shop For Energy Procurement
Gone are the days of scouring multiple websites and making numerous calls to various retail electricity suppliers​​ (RES). By getting into SolX’s platform, enterprises can seamlessly compare energy offers, contracts, and pricing from various RES.
“SolX's platform is a one-stop shop for our energy procurement needs. As a large-scale business, we are dealing with a lot of things at hand and our energy consumption is one of them. With this streamlined approach, we are able to make timely and informed decisions and focus on our business operations,” said Matt Tan, COO of SolX.
Real-Time Market Insights at Your Fingertips
Energy prices can fluctuate unexpectedly as the market continues to be in a volatile state. But with SolX, real-time market insights are provided to businesses so they can seize opportunities when prices are low. This will help them get the best deals and empower them to make data-driven decisions.
Apart from these, SolX’s platform offers tools that allow businesses to monitor and optimize their energy usage. SolX provides the data and resources needed for its clients to reduce consumption and lower costs. The platform also has a feature that provides recommendations on energy efficiency and conservation in compliance with RA 11285. To date, SolX has helped over 50 industry leaders in high-power consuming sectors to cut down on their energy costs by 25%.
A Leader in Transparency and Accountability
SolX’s founders believe that businesses deserve to understand the complexities of their energy procurement. Rooted on this principle, SolX’s platform provides concise and clear reports that help clients track their usage, costs, and savings. No hidden fees or added charges– just straightforward data that can help businesses optimize and take control of their energy consumption.
Also, SolX removes the inconvenience of finding a suitable energy supplier for large-scale businesses. The platform also creates a fair and competitive system for energy suppliers while enabling data-driven contract structuring, efficient supplier-buyer matching, and reliable switching support.
The future of the energy sector lies in technology and innovation. As businesses continue to evolve, so as their energy demands. SolX is paving the way toward a more sustainable, cost-effective, and convenient future where energy procurement is no longer putting a strain on businesses.
Founded by Filipinos and Ateneo graduates Sergius Santos, Matt Tan, and Bradley Cua, SolX provides a digital energy procurement and solutions platform that enables Philippine businesses to drive cost reduction and cost efficiency. Its reliable technology is trusted by key brands in the country including Converge, Bounty Farms and Bounty Fresh, Pryce Gas, Splash Corporation, Asian Coatings (Rain or Shine), Digital Edge, Steel Corporation of the Philippines, and Bestpak Packaging among others.
SolX is supported by New Energy Nexus and backed by Foxmont Capital and Japanese institutional investor, Leave a Nest Capital.
Available in Pilot, Suite, and Suite Pro, SolX’s platform has tailor-fit solutions to your energy needs. Let SolX focus on your energy so that business owners can focus on what truly matters. Know more about the platform when you visit https://www.solx.ph/  or email ops@solx.ph.

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