NERIAH New Single "Promise Ring" Out Now From Upcoming Debut Album 'Cause of Death'

In anticipation of NERIAH's highly awaited debut album 'Cause of  Death', she takes the lead with her captivating single, "Promise Ring". This exceptional track showcases the extraordinary talents of producer Jason Parris, a remarkable figure with an impressive background of 11x multi-platinum records, and the unmatched mixing expertise of Mark 'Spike' Stent, a distinguished winner of 10 Grammy Awards. NERIAH herself sheds light on the profound essence of this song, delving into a past relationship riddled with empty promises and the poignant realization that verbal expressions can often outweigh tangible actions. 

She explains that the new single is “a song that looks back on that relationship that was full of empty promises; when someone’s words speak way louder than their actions” and the distance that comes with that. “When I love someone, I put everything into the relationship - a lot of the time at the expense of my own happiness and wellbeing. I wrote "Promise Ring’" looking back on my past relationship where I gave my partners so many chances, only to be left with empty promises. Just like a ring, a promise is just a thing at the end of the day. Just because someone says they love you, just because someone gives you that ring that is supposed to mean forever, doesn’t really mean anything unless their actions speak louder than  their words.” 

The combination of infectious melodies and a relatable narrative makes "Promise Ring" an unforgettable musical experience for any listener. Elevating the experience to unprecedented heights, the songwriting credits are shared between NERIAH and Jason Parris, reflecting their collaborative artistry. Prepare to be immersed in its awe-inspiring soundscape and captivated by its thought-provoking storytelling. 

The highly anticipated release of NERIAH's debut album 'Cause of Death' is scheduled for Oct 13. Recognized as #1 in People's Magazine's "Emerging Artists to Watch", NERIAH's fan base has extended all the way to Southeast Asia, where her Instagram has been dominated by fans from this region. Her top countries of followers include Indonesia at #3, Malaysia at #12, and the Philippines at #26. Notably, Jakarta stands out as one of her top cities, ranking at #3 overall with (1.8k followers).

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