Landco Launched a Stunning Resort Amenity at Playa Laiya

Making a distinctive resort lifestyle experience for one of its latest master-planned exclusive seaside residential communities, Landco Pacific Corporation unveiled the uniquely-designed Grand Coral Clubhouse at Playa Laiya, San Juan, Batangas.

Ribbon Cutting of the Grand Coral Clubhouse at Playa Laiya. From left: Marycris Panganiban, Chief Finance Officer, Landco Pacific Corp. (Landco); Capt. Sam Tan - Aplaya Laiya Corp. (ALC) Director; Neil Bryant Siy, President, ALC; Cecille Haspela, President, Playa Laiya Village Homeowners Association Inc. (PLVHAI); Jose Villapando, Vice President, PLVHAI; Eileen Leong, Chairman of the Board, ALC; and   Vivian Liban, Chief Financial Advisor, Landco.

Landco has built a solid reputation for pioneering premium landscapes for more than 30 years with its flagship project of Punta Fuego in Nasugbu in the 90s to its latest development of BeahTowns CaSoBe (Calatagan South Beach) and Club Laiya, along with the exclusive residential developments of Playa Calatagan and Playa Laiya.

Landco continues to innovate and cement its positioning as a market leader in the development of premium beachfront properties in Batangas. The launch of the Grand Coral Clubhouse as an attractive new facility elevates the lifestyle experience of Playa Laiya residents and the beach community of Batangas. It creates a new benchmark for amenities of exclusive residential resorts and leisure developments in the country.
Built on a 128-hectare leisure and tourism estate, Playa Laiya is a joint project of Landco and Aplaya Laiya Corporation (ALC), offering an extensive beachfront that serves as the perfect setting for seaside living. The Grand Coral Clubhouse’s unique architectural design and construction at Playa Laiya is a collaborative effort of Landco and ALC, together with the support of key partners. Situated at the focal point of Playa Laiya, it is a portal through which the sea, the beach, and nature blend, serving as a perfect backdrop and venue for residents, and their guests, and the community to converge in this modern beach town.

The design of the clubhouse takes inspiration from the natural beauty of the environment with multi-layered composition and complexity that creates a sense of balance and peace. The clubhouse is accentuated with discs of varying heights, suggesting the hierarchy of the spaces underneath. These spaces are encased with curved walls, with openings strategically located to provide expansive sea and garden views.

The highlight of the Grand Coral Clubhouse is the “Starry, Starry, Night” swimming pool which is a fitting ode to Vincent van Gogh’s masterpiece.  At night, it is transformed into a dramatic swimming pool with a unique decorative lighting system consisting of fiber optics lighting points on the pool floor. Once guests are immersed in the water, they are enveloped in countless stars from above the night sky and the illusion of a starry sky emanating from the bottom of the swimming pool.
For celebrations, the Clubhouse features the 350-sqm Hegland Hall, a fitting tribute to the colorful life of shipping mogul Ole Hegland. He was instrumental in creating a thriving and cohesive community where residents enjoy the lush greenery, mountain forest and white sand beach.

The “Starry, Starry, Night” swimming pool stands out as a stunning feature of the Grand Coral Clubhouse
When Hegland came to the Philippines in the early 80s, his mission was to recruit Filipino seafarers for his shipping business.  However, the siren’s call of the mythological story of the “mermaids in the mountain lakes” of Laiya, San Juan, Batangas, diverted his attention to the beautiful and lush plains, forested mountains, and seascape. Instead, he decided to develop Laiya’s expansive land to give people the experience of living by nature and the sea, in a community that brings people of diverse backgrounds together to live in harmony.
His vision planted the seed that has now grown to become the residential, commercial and tourism development of Laiya. 
The Hegland Hall can accommodate up 150 guests. There are 14 cabanas by the pool for both residents and guests to lounge and relax in. The Reef poolside restaurant offers all-day refreshments and meals to satisfy cravings.

Playa Laiya’s Grand Coral Clubhouse design is inspired by the natural beauty of the coral reefs and the beach.
The architecture of the exceptional clubhouse not only enhances the essence of Playa Laiya as an exclusive residential beach development, but it also represents the values of Landco for its pioneering mindset, commitment to sustainability, and dedication to premium development to enable a new kind of lifestyle that is envisioned for Playa Laiya.

With the newly-opened Grand Coral Clubhouse as a world-class and luxurious amenity, residents, visitors, guests, and the community will be able to collaborate and connect to create meaningful memories, celebrate milestones, and integrate their resort lifestyle experiences. Whether regularly spending a lively morning, a quiet afternoon, or relaxing night swim, or having a poolside barbecue get-together, clubhouse guests can revel in the venue’s unique design inspired by nature’s beauty.

For more information about Landco Pacific Corporation, Playa Laiya and Landco BeachTowns, visit their website or Facebook page

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