DITO Introduces Five New Prepaid Offerings to Elevate Your Mobile Experiences

In its bid to transform and redefine the Filipino prepaid mobile experience, DITO launches its “mas pinaTODO” mobile prepaid offerings, enabling DITOzens to go all-out in enjoying value-for-money prepaid products to help them chase their passions -powered by the speed of DITO Flash 5G.

"DITO is excited to unveil a fresh phase of connectivity, catering to the lifestyles, aspirations and needs of Filipinos, especially for young adults and Gen Zs," said DITO Chief Commercial Officer Evelyn Jimenez. "Our MasPinaTODO mobile prepaid offers aim to deliver a perfect balance between affordability and high-speed connectivity so that Filipinos can be ushered to a whole new horizon of endless possibilities and opportunities.”

1-Elevating your Digital Lifestyle
You can keep on getting the most with your interests with DITO Level-Up Packs. This enticing offer invites you to fully embrace digital living for as low as Php 99 only which is already valid for 30 days.  It's more than just affordable – it's the complete value package, which includes calls, texts, data, and exciting bonuses like Prime Video access.
For DITO Level-Up Pack Php 99, you can enjoy a total of 7GB all-access data, Unli All-Net Calls and Texts, 300 minutes calls to other networks and bonus 30-day Prime Video mobile edition subscription.  You will also benefit from the game-changing data rollover feature which would  ensure that any of your unused data be carried over to the next subscription. DITO's  thrust goes beyond mere connectivity—the company wants to present itself as your steady ally  on your journey to embracing your own TODO lifestyle.
2-Envisioning Seamless Connection
Experience seamless connectivity with DITO's Video over LTE (ViLTE) technology which redefines video calling by eliminating your usual data worries. This innovation embodies DITO's dedication to delivering uninterrupted communication via our unlimited DITO-to-DITO video calls with absolutely no data charges. Unlike the typical power-hungry video calling apps that end up finishing your data, ViLTE functions seamlessly on DITO's network, enabling endless conversations without data charges. You can even turn off data while staying connected using ViLTE's unique capabilities.
This feature is available for ViLTE-enabled phones only.
3-Leading the Future of Connectivity
As DITO continues to build on its strong momentum, it remains at the forefront by introducing breakthrough UNLI 5G services. Empowered by its 5G SA technology, DITO is one of the first to showcase the true 5G experience.
DITO UNLI 5G 299 encapsulates not only unmatched speed but a comprehensive mobile experience where you can enjoy unlimited 5G data along with 10GB 4G data, Unli All-Net Calls and Texts, and a bonus 300 minutes calls to other networks.
4-Redefining Affordability and Flexibility
Prioritizing its value-for-money stance, DITO's innovative DATA Sachets have been made affordable to make your digital needs more manageable.
These flexible prepaid data options have been designed to seamlessly align with your budget, data needs, and usage duration. DITO Data Sachets grant DITOzens extended access to diverse applications, facilitating continuous learning, entertainment, and connectivity.

With this offering, exploring the digital realm has never been simpler, with choices spanning from 1GB at PHP 10, diving into 2GB over 3 days for just PHP 20, to exploring DATA 50, a package carrying an impressive 5GB of data, valid for 7 days.
5-Unboxing Limitless Connectivity
DITO introduces yet another game-changing product that amplifies your connectivity. More than just a physical SIM card, the DITO Starter Pack opens up a world of boundless potential. 

DITO Starter Pack comes packed with up to 25GB of data, including 3GB of 5G data, and unlimited calls and texts across all networks. And as a special bonus, subscribing to the Level-Up Packs also gives you access to  Prime Video, adding another layer of excitement to your DITO adventure.
As DITO lowers the barrier for people to try their services, they are not only refining their prepaid offerings but also reshaping how Filipinos connect, communicate, and create. Try out the new

Starter Pack and become part of a movement that celebrates connectivity in its most boundless form.

Win For Every Telecommunity
DITO is also making its presence felt after Opensignal, an independent mobile analytics company, awarded DITO multiple noteworthy awards in their latest report: Upload Speed Experience, Availability, Excellent Consistent Quality, and Core Consistent Quality. 
DITO even dislodged Smart Communications from the top spot in the Excellent Consistent Quality category after scoring a record-breaking 58.8% versus Smart’s 56.7 %. Moreover, on Core

Consistent Quality, DITO soared to a 79.9% rating, knocking-off  Globe Telecom from the top spot who only registered 77.7%  Incidentally, DITO’s  Upload Speed has also risen remarkably, with a score of 5.2Mbps.
At the same time, the Availability Award they received recognized DITO for providing the most available network connection in various places where people commonly go, allowing users to access DITO’s network and stay connected more of the time.

These awards prove that as DITO grows, it continues to uplift telecommunities with reliable connectivity that they deserve. 
For more information, check out dito.ph/prepaid. For the latest updates, check out @DITOphofficial on Facebook and Instagram or visit https://dito.ph/.

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