Celebrate Grandparents' Day in style at Araneta City

Life wouldn’t be as fun and as colorful without our lolos and lolas. They give us unconditional love and guide us through life with their seemingly boundless wisdom. So for this year's Grandparents Day, the City of Firsts is gearing up to honor the most respected and cherished members of our families.

From September 4 to September 10, Araneta City invites everyone to join a series of heartwarming and exciting events to celebrate Grandparents' Day.

Wholesome experience with furbabies
Kicking off the celebrations from September 4 to 9 is the GrandPawrents Park at Gateway Mall. This event encourages grandparents (and the whole family) to bond with their furbabies as they enjoy quality time together. Everyone can stroll through the indoor pet playpen with their furry companions, and build their bond. 
On September 9, a special day is set aside for pet grooming. To capture these delightful moments, caricature artists will be present to create sketches of both the pets and their loving lolos and lolas. A dedicated photo booth will also be available, allowing families to preserve the memories forever.
Groove and move Zumba-style 
For the active lolos and lolas, Grand Zumba Day awaits on September 8 at Ali Mall. An exhilarating dance fitness session promises fun and fitness in one energetic package. This event encourages grandparents to break a sweat while dancing to lively beats.
Artistic flair and intellectual offers
From September 4 to 8, Farmers Plaza hosts a bazaar tailored to grandparents, offering a wide array of items that cater to their preferences and needs. This marketplace aims to provide a unique shopping experience, combining practicality with sentimentality.
For those who prefer a more cerebral pursuit, Grand Chess Day on September 9 at Farmers Plaza is the perfect opportunity for a strategic showdown. Grandparents can engage in friendly chess matches, showcasing their tactical prowess and fostering a sense of camaraderie.
A day of music and performances
Araneta City is bringing a smile on the faces of our grandparents through musical performances from their precious apos. On September 10 at Farmers Plaza with a heartwarming musical event presented by the Center for Pop. The Center for Pop's performance promises to uplift and inspire our grandparents.
Meanwhile, Ali Mall will also have a special performance for grandparents on September 10 as kids will showcase their talents in a heartwarming tribute to their grandparents. The Talents Academy performance will undoubtedly be a highlight, as young talents pour their hearts into their performances in tribute to lolo and lola.
Make Grandparents’ Day special for our beloved lolos and lolas only at the City of Firsts!

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