Asian Forum on Enterprise for Society 2023: A Resounding Success in Advancing Corporate Responsibility, Innovation, and Inclusion

The Asian Forum on Enterprise for Society (AFES) 2023 has made a triumphant return to hosting in-person gatherings, taking place on September 26-27 at the Conrad Hotel in Pasay City, Philippines. This event reaffirms its status as the premier platform in Asia for substantive discussions revolving around corporate responsibility, innovation, and sustainable business practices.

Left to right: Dr. Anjan Ghosh- Board  of Advisor, Ramon  V. del Rosario Sr. Center  for Corporate Responsibility; Dr Bradley  Googins -  Board of Advisor, RVR Center; Ambassador  Jose Cuisia Jr., former Ambassador of the Phils to the United States, Chairman of the Board, RVR Center; Mr. Peter  Brabeck-Letmathe, Chairman Emeritus , Nestle Group; Mr Oscar  Hilado, Board of Advisor, RVR center Ramon  R  Del Rosario Jr, Board of Advisor, RVR Center; Susan  Afan , President Ramon Magasaysay  Award Foundation and Dr. Jikyeong Kang, President and Dean, Asian institute of Management

Organized by the Asian Institute of Management Ramon V. Del Rosario, Sr. Center for Corporate Responsibility (AIM RVR Center), AFES, formerly recognized as the Asian Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility, boasts a storied history of assembling in diverse Asian cities. Its unwavering commitment to the pivotal role that businesses play in shaping a sustainable future remains constant. Under the 2023 theme, "Boosting Innovation and Inclusion Together," this edition carries forward the legacy by exploring how businesses can act as catalysts for resilience and inclusivity.
Amb. Jose L. Cuisia, Jr., Chairman of the Board of Advisers of the AIM RVR Center, said, “This year, the Asian Forum will underscore the imperative of sustainable, ethical, and purpose-driven enterprise for societal betterment in an ever-evolving, increasingly complex world. Our world has been reshaped by unprecedented challenges, and it is through thoughtful conversations facilitated by visionary thought and business leaders that we can co-create a brighter, more resilient future.”
With a rich heritage of advancing progress and transformation, AFES 2023 has successfully convened a diverse audience of over 400 participants. This ensemble includes global practitioners, thought leaders, business executives, and community representatives, all united by a shared objective—to address the most pressing societal challenges of our time.
AFES 2023 features a spectrum of action-inspiring conversations, each exploring diverse topics that are pivotal to our collective future. From co-creating nature-based solutions for food security and exploring new pathways for eco-tourism to promoting greener, more resilient fintech, and the responsible use of generative AI, these discussions delve deep into the issues that will shape the world for generations to come.
Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, Chairman Emeritus of the Nestlé Group emphasized in his keynote speech: "Inclusive capitalism places people at the heart of economic progress, prioritizing their well-being over profit. It's the imperative to embed responsibility throughout the entire supply chain, ensuring that every link in the economic ecosystem contributes to a fair and equitable society."
Dr. Jikyeong Kang, AIM President and Dean, reflects on the conference, stating, "Throughout this conference, we have had the privilege of engaging with thought leaders and experts who have shared invaluable perspectives on a wide range of critical topics. From AI, food security, and sustainable tourism to inclusive fintech, supply chain due diligence, and diversity and inclusion in the workforce, our discussions have been marked by a profound depth of knowledge and a commitment to discovering innovative solutions to complex challenges."

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