Korea-based Romantic Indie Pop Band ADOY Drops New Album 'PLEASURES'

After two years since the release of 'her', the Korea-based romantic indie pop band ADOY has finally returned with their highly anticipated album, 'PLEASURES', featuring the title single "In Love". 

'PLEASURES', which comprises songs about various pleasures and beautiful moments in life, along with the longing and fear felt afterward, features a total of 8 different tracks.

From the title track "In Love", which calmly confesses the moment of falling in love, to "Avenue" which retraces memories of youth, and "Touch", a dreamy portrayal of a beautiful place like heaven, the album offers a wide range of emotions. Other tracks on the album include "Hack", a love song sung under the Milky Way, and "Model", a sweet single about being in love with an imaginary cartoon character, while "Long Distance Call" and "One Last Song" depict the affection of love. The album's final track, "Jet", manages to capture the never-ending adventure of life.

While the previous ADOY works resemble floating clouds, ‘PLEASURES’ reminisces a beach that connects the land and sky with more lush and fuller sounds. Every single track on the current album showcases ADOY's skillful craftsmanship in storytelling, conveyed through a diverse spectrum of tempos and atmospheres. 

In addition, the collaboration with drummer Chuck Sabo, who worked with Elton John and Pet Shop Boys and sound engineers Greg Calbi and Steve Fallone of Sterling Sound in the US, contributes to the album's mature sound.

With the release of 'PLEASURES', ADOY is set to perform in festivals across Bangkok, Seoul, Tokyo, and Hamburg. This will be followed by their debut performances in Paris and London, culminating in a prestigious SXSW showcase in Sydney. ADOY's top 10 streaming markets in Southeast Asia include the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia.

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