Korea-based Indie Pop Band ADOY Unveils New Single "Model"

The Korea-based romantic indie pop band ADOY has recently unveiled their latest single, "Model," from their upcoming sophomore full-length album titled 'PLEASURES,' scheduled for release on August 31st. This track marks ADOY’s first original release in two years, following their previous introduction of a remake album featuring collaborations with prominent acts such as Sunset Rollercoaster, PREP, Phum Viphurit, and Numcha. 

An up-tempo yet dreamy and melancholic composition, "Model" delves into the story of a hikikomori who falls in love with a manga character. This serves as a testament to ADOY's musical evolution, with keyboardist Zee taking the reins as the lead vocalist for the very first time on this track, seamlessly blending ADOY’s trademark retro synth sounds with a revitalizing feel. Accompanying the release of "Model" is a music video directed by Ping Pong Matcha, filmed in Thailand, one of the biggest supporters of the band's creative work.

Since the launch of their debut EP ‘CATNIP’, ADOY has shown consistent growth from performing in local pubs in their neighborhood to now securing sub-headlining positions at international festivals and selling out shows across the regions including Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, and more.

After the release of "Model" and 'PLEASURES' album, ADOY is set to perform in festivals across Bangkok, Seoul, Tokyo, and Hamburg. This will be followed by their debut performances in Paris and London, culminating in a prestigious SXSW showcase in Sydney. ADOY'S top 10 streaming markets in Southeast Asia include the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia.

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