HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate Stuns with New Voyage Blue Colorway

No brand has mastered the exquisite alchemy of cutting-edge tech and timeless style quite like Huawei. Proof of it is the launch of the HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate’s new color, the Voyage Blue. This new colorway inspires a sense of royal flair that suits any high-powered endeavor and ambitious adventure.

The HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate is  a premium timepiece that shines in corporate elegance as perfectly as it does in harsher environments. To the thrill-seekers and innovators out there, here’s why the HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate deserves that coveted spot on your wrist.

Voyage Blue Edition: Deep Blue High-End Elegance
HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate Voyage Blue edition is made to embody the strength of the ferocious seas. With a deep blue nano-tech ceramic bezel reminiscent of the vast oceans, the Voyage Blue edition makes a great fashion statement for sea-dwellers who love sea sports and diving activities. Inspired by the shape of a sailboat masterfully crafted to sail through the crashing waves and icy snow, HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate is built with technological aesthetics and excellent craftsmanship, bringing the sense of exploration, agility, high-end elegance, and functional technologies to user’s wrist.
The deep blue nano-tech ceramic bezel brings the design of diving watches to HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate, matching the white engravings that helps divers accurately grasp the safety stop timings during ascent.
The HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate Voyage Blue edition’s exclusive watch face showcases time from 24 major cities across 24 time zones respectively. The watch face design adopts the concept of the deep blue ocean, with a blue map as the background that aesthetically complements the bezel, akin to the continents and oceans coexisting on our blue planet. Key information is clear at a glance, and supports personalisation of the watch face as needed.
Pushing the limits of wearable luxury and innovation
Much like expeditions that pushed the frontiers of human knowledge and experience, Huawei built the WATCH Ultimate to advance wearable technology as a handy companion to modern-day explorers.
The HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate sports a Zirconium-based Liquid Metal body, which offers outstanding strength and durability without sacrificing lightness. These premium materials also give the watch a truly timeless sheen, exuding sophistication from every angle. It’s a sturdy yet elegant piece of tech that fits right into a desert trek as much as it does at an intimate dinner setting.
A powerful battery and fast-charging features also make the HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate an endurance monster, capable of lasting up to two weeks on a charge. That includes all manner of sensors activated, like heart rate monitors, sleep tracking, Precision Dual Frequency Five-System GNSS features, device notifications, and audio playback.

Heart of the Ocean for Sea-Lovers
This smartwatch gives a new meaning to the term “water-resistant” that will forever change the game. As the first Huawei smartwatch to come with 10ATM (100 meters of water resistance) with EN13319 certification, the HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate just became a must-have for underwater adventures.
More importantly, the watch also has a suite of always-on depth and time reminders suitable for a variety of diving plans while constantly ensuring safe descents. Not to mention how this survived a 125 meters of hydrostatic pressure testing, achieving water pressure resistance from 2ATM to 13.5ATM at that depth.
Dive in or trek on with confidence
Being linked to five major satellite systems, the HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate gives users supreme confidence that they’ll never get lost outdoors. This smartwatch is made to safeguard your health and cover your safety providing you with real time data about yourself and your surroundings.
This is on top of the Huawei TruSeen 5.0+ monitors that provide an incredible wealth of information that lets users get the most out of their physical activities. These health and safety features lend themselves to all manner of scenarios, whether it’s a long-distance hike or a routine jog around the neighborhood.
Get the HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate starting at Php 39,999 from select HUAWEI Experience Stores.
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***Disclaimer: This product is not a medical device. All of the health data is for reference only, and should not be used for diagnostic or treatment purposes.

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