Cody Jon Returns With Bubbly New Single "Death Wobbles"

Sydney-based triple threat Cody Jon returns with his latest single accompanied by a music video, "Death Wobbles", the first single from his upcoming second EP out later this year via Saint Lucky Records. Fans can stream "Death Wobbles" here:
"Death Wobbles" is about a passionate but fleeting relationship, filled with the highest of highs until things start moving too fast and get out of control. Cody Jon wrote "Death Wobbles" with what he calls "the Lily Allen effect" - writing sad lyrics over a bright, energetic track, in this case, a speedy "drum n bass, 2000s car-chase beat".

Cody Jon shares, “Death Wobbles is the sudden shaking of your skateboard as you zoom down a hill so fast you lose control, an amazing rush of adrenaline, a feeling like no other, but you know you're going to crash at any second. Who is gonna fall first? Who will jump off? Who will crash? Either way, this won't be pretty.”

Written with "dirty dancing" collaborator Charley and Australian producer Taka Perry, the song explores the downhill turn in the relationship, moving into a sudden tempo change for the resolution after the climactic crash. Rounded out with a funky, laid-back outro, contrasting the high-speed nature of the track. A sonic ode to 2002 movie and video game soundtracks, "Death Wobbles" features special easter eggs hidden in the production. The snares, hats, and transitions are made from the wheel and trick sound effects in Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4, one of Jon's favourite games growing up.

The Melanie Or-directed music video fits very much in the same world, with Cody Jon starring as our very own Chad Michael Murray, replete with Motorolla flip phones, chunky camcorders, blow-up pool toys and a teen bedroom only befitting of Freaky Friday's Anna Coleman.

Since first debuting his temporal mash with "dirty dancing", and "Becky's Plan" in 2022, Cody Jon continues to amass praise across triple j and Unearthed, iHeart Radio, MTV, Early Rising, ELLE Japan and more following his debut 'untied shoes' EP. His dazzling live show which already includes debuts at BIGSOUND and SXSW in Austin was rounded out with his own headline tour following a Tai Verdes tour support, and performances alongside the likes of Gretta Ray, Peach PRC, and more. 

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