5 Things You Need to Know About The Killing Vote

Director Park Shin-woo, Park Hae-jin, Park Sung-woong, and Lim Ji-yeon gathered at a local press conference in Seoul to discuss their upcoming series The Killing Vote. The suspense thriller will be available on Prime Video in the Philippines and more than 240 countries and territories worldwide. The first two episodes of this 12-part series will be released first, with one weekly episode to follow every Thursday. Check out what you need to know about the buzzworthy series below.

1. The Intriguing Premise

Park Hae-jin

What if your vote could determine the fate of heinous criminals? That is the premise set forth in The Killing Vote. Director Park Shin-woo explained, “One day, a text message gets sent to citizens. It’s a message about voting for the death penalty regarding vicious criminals. It’s a mystery thriller that pursues the person behind the national death penalty vote. The story features police officers who struggle with the dilemma of having to save vicious criminals who deserve death from the death penalty vote executed by the mysterious figure.” The exciting story is definitely novel and thought-provoking.
2. The Interesting Characters

Park Hae-jin, Park Sung-woong, Lim Ji-yeon
Meet the three main characters of The Killing Vote. Park Hae-jin introduced his detective character Kim Moo-chan and shared, “He’s stuck in a dilemma between whether the punishments for criminals is just or not.I think it’ll be interesting to see if he will remain good or switch over to the dark side.” Park Sung-woong said, “My character [Kwon Seok-joo] is ambiguously in between good and evil. He’s a well-known legal scholar who has published a book. He’s in prison after turning himself in due to taking things into his own hands after his daughter dies.” Lastly, Lim Ji-yeon commented, “My character is a lieutenant who works for the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Cyber Security Bureau. She was once the ace of her team, but due to her inability to hold back in speaking up, she’s regarded as a nuisance,” and added, “She’s a friendly and relatable character amidst the darkness.”
3. Like the Webtoon but Better

Park Hae-jin, Park Sung-woong, Lim Ji-yeon

Many of our favorite K-dramas are based on popular webtoons and it’s always exciting to see how the adaptation will be portrayed on screen. When asked how the series will set itself apart from the original webtoon, Director Park Shin-woo said, “Our series has tension, suspense, and we also focused on the action aspects. The actors also perfected their characters, so I think compared to the webtoon characters, the characters will feel alive and real.” He also discussed how the writer did a great job on connecting the webtoon with the script. The director began planning for this series a few years ago, so we can be assured that it will live up to expectations.
4. The Actors’ Chemistry

Park Sung-woong, Park Hae-jin

Having acted together in the 2017 series Man to Man, fans can look forward to more great chemistry between the two actors once again. Park Sung-woong shared, “Man to Man was a light comedy, but for this series we talked about how to act. During rehearsal, Park Hae-jin actually cried. We actually met more often during this series. We even did readings together. We also tried reading each other’s roles.” Park Hae-jin said, “Park Sung-woong is like a real brother to me. I don’t have any brothers, but Park Sung-woong feels like one. I can bring my concerns to him.” Returning the brotherly love, Park Sung-woong complimented Park Hae-jin’s acting and his efforts to gain 10 kgs saying, “I was shocked at how he worked hard to gain weight for his role. He actually gained muscle while eating protein.” Can’t wait to see a different type of chemistry between the actors in The Killing Vote!
5. The Meaning of Justice

Lim Ji-yeon, Park Hae-jin

Justice is absolutely at the center of this story. As the masked figure delivers executions according to the national death penalty vote, various characters grapple with what justice means to them. When asked what they would do if they got the request to partake in a national death penalty, each actor shared their different answers. Lim Ji-yeon said, “I think I would be careful and suspect it could be voice phishing and would look into it. If it were real and really defining justice, then I think I might participate.” Park Sung-woong stated, “I’m not the type to be suspicious, so I think I would just vote.” Park Hae-jin commented, “Even after confirming that it’s a legitimate vote, I don’t think I could readily partake in voting. If I were to actually vote, I think I would suffer from a guilty conscience. I’m the type to worry a lot.” The moral quandary is quite gripping indeed.
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