Pop-Punk Star LØLØ Drops Fiery New Single and Video "hot girls in hell"

Pop-punk powerhouse LØLØ returns with her scathing new single “hot girls in hell” and an accompanying music video. LØLØ does not shy away from the brutality of her own emotions on the fiery track as she explores the frustration, fury, and despair that comes from letting go of a toxic relationship with a partner you love to hate. 

“hot girls in hell” starts off gently, with the lilting waltz of an acoustic guitar carrying LØLØ’s rich alto through the verse before suddenly exploding into the electrifying chorus. Thrashing percussion and violently purring guitar erupt as LØLØ vocally lays into the partner that let her down, belting “You’re f*cking disgusting / you’re good for nothing / [...] You think you’re special / I think you’re mental/ I hope there’s no hot girls in hell.” 

LØLØ shares of the new single:  “I wrote ‘hot girls in hell’ about someone who really hurt my feelings. I wrote the first half when I was really sad, and the second half when I was really mad. Ending a relationship with someone is tricky – one second you miss them, feeling miserable and pathetic, and the next you are picturing them burning in hell. I really wanted this song to feel like two completely different moods for that reason. The person I wrote this about is definitely going to hell, so here’s hoping there’s no hot girls there for him <3”

Equal parts biting and vulnerable, “hot girls in hell” neatly showcases LØLØ’s immense talent for merging fragility and unapologetic power within the same track. LØLØ’s lyricism skews from rich, imagery-laden poetry to caustic tongue in cheek rhymes, but is always touched by LØLØ’s unwavering authenticity and raw honesty. A pillar of the pop-punk renaissance, LØLØ has released a string of popular singles that prove her as a master of the genre and a lyricist who is wise beyond her years.
"hot girls in hell" is LØLØ's third single release in 2023, joining the emotionally-exhibitionist head banger "omg" and the gritty breakup duet “5,6,7,8 (feat. girlfriends)”, with lead singer Travis Mills (MTV, Apple Music) joining LØLØ on vocals for the anthemic track. This fall LØLØ will embark on a full US tour supporting Boys Like Girls and State Champs.
2022 was a massive year for LØLØ. She released her EP 'debbie downer' featuring the addictive hit "u turn me on (but u give me depression)" and the successful collaboration "debbie downer" with Maggie Lindemann. On the Sad Summer Festival tour, LØLØ performed alongside Mayday Parade, Neck Deep, and Waterparks before taking the stage at Lollapalooza. She also collaborated with Simple Plan on the 20th anniversary re-release of their smash hit "I'm Just A Kid".

LØLØ has become an undeniable presence in the pop-punk genre. The singer-songwriter has created a striking presence both online and on stage with her effortlessly cool attitude and sharp lyricism. In 2020, LØLØ created a buzz on TikTok where she reimagined music’s biggest hits. Putting her adept lyrical skills to use, she rewrote verses from the opposite perspective of the song's subject, while still maintaining the original integrity of each song’s tempo and rhyme scheme. Most notably, her take on Taylor Swift’s “Betty” from “Betty’s perspective" caught the attention of Swifties and went viral on the platform.

In late 2021, LØLØ released her electric EP 'overkill', which came directly on the heels of her 36-stop US tour with pop-punk titans New Found Glory and Less Than Jake. LØLØ has been compared to Paramore and Avril Lavigne by Billboard, and People Magazine called her an “Emerging Artist making their mark in music.” To date, she's amassed over 35 million streams on Spotify, with her numbers continuing to climb exponentially. LØLØ is on the brink of superstardom, so stay tuned as there’s much more to come. 

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