Indulging and Saving in Boracay for My 40th! (Yes, I'm 40!)

Group and family vacations are back – and with more and more options for us to enjoy every destination, I’m pretty sure that most of you are getting confused about where to book your next travels and adventures, and how it will make you enjoy your stay without emptying your pockets.

Just recently, my family and I spent a 5-day vacation at the world’s best beach destination – BORACAY ISLAND. With only a few months to plan this trip, we’re happy that we were able to enjoy and revisit this beautiful island once again while keeping our budget on the tab.

CEB Super Pass is the Key!
Last April, I was able to secure enough CEB Super Pass for the 6 of us to fly from Manila to Boracay, and back. Though, I’m not hoping that this experience will be smooth (this is due to the recent reports about Cebu Pacific’s flight cancellations), we were lucky enough to leave Manila on time last June 16 and luckier to return home on time last June 20.

Hello from Boracay!

For the whole airfare, we only spent around PHP12,000 including 2 check-in luggage. The fare for each person is around Php800, which already includes taxes and other fees. NOT BAD at all, eh? This is our first time to try using CEB Super Pass, and contrary to reports online, we had a very smooth experience using it and an even smoother process flying with Cebu Pacific.

But despite saving money from the airfare, when we got to Caticlan, our pockets were almost emptied by various fees and land fares that if we would sum up, would cost us PHP5,000 in total. Haha.
You have to pay Php150 for a trike good for only 2 pax from the airport to Caticlan Port, then there’s the terminal fee and environmental fee of PHP250 for adults and PHP200 for kids, plus the boat fare of PHP50 each. For the last transport on our way to the hotel at Station 2, we paid PHP300 for the entire trike, good for 6 pax. On our way back, we paid almost the same, which totaled almost PHP5,000. So, if you are traveling to Boracay, I highly suggest that you better think carefully about where you’ll be spending your money. I can’t help but think that booking a packaged transfer deal online can be a good option. – Try checking Klook.

Parasailing in Boracay
TRAVEL TIP: Download the mobile app SHOPBACK, register, and then from there you can choose from wide selection of online shops where you can book different Boracay-related activities, transport, and accommodation with discounts and cash back options. 
The Wonderful Accommodations
Good thing, despite those hullabaloos, we found comfort and excitement with the accommodations that we booked in Boracay. Starting with Azalea Hotels & Residences.

Surrounded by a refreshing vibe and truly homey feel, Azalea was our home for the first 3 days and 2 nights of our stay on the island. Located along the main road of Boracay, this hotel offers good value for money with its spacious rooms fit perfectly for the 6 of us.

So thoughtful! Thank you, Azalea!
Our room at Azalea is a 2-bedroom unit, which comes with breakfast for 5 adults at their in-house restaurant, Kuya J. The room is equipped with a kitchen and living area, as well as 2 bathrooms – 1 in the common area, and the other in the Master’s Bedroom. The bed in both rooms are King Size, which can fit 3 people. The kitchen comes with a ref and microwave oven, as well as utensils for dining and drinking. Aside from the TV and aircon in the living area, each room is also equipped with those appliances along with towels and linens that add comfort and joy to our stay.
What we probably loved the most about Azalea is its proximity to the White Beach being at the center of the island. It is close to some convenience stores as well as laundry shops and restaurants.

For the second half of our stay on the island, we transferred to the Alta Vista de Boracay, which is located in the northern part of Boracay. Since I want my family to experience the other sides of the island, I opted to choose this hotel mainly for its serenity and affordability.
Deluxe Room in Alta Vista de Boracay

Same with Azalea, we booked our stay at Alta Vista de Boracay by contacting them directly. Their most affordable room at that time was their Deluxe Room with two queen size beds for only PHP2500. Since there 6 of us, we booked two rooms and paid for the additional person per room. Our stay also includes plated breakfast at their in-house restaurant, which is a few steps away from our rooms.

Fambam at Puka Beach

Apart from the serenity and exclusivity of this place, we get to enjoy its amenities including its infinity pool, spacious and green surrounding, and free shuttle to White Beach and Puka Beach. As for our rooms, though a little dated, they provided us with experience yet still comforting and welcoming. Their rooms are spacious and equipped with entertainment and kitchen appliances that added more comfort and ease to our stay.

Thank you, Alta Vista for the warm welcome!

Alta Vista de Boracay's Infinity Pool

TRAVEL TIP: If you are planning to book at AZALEA and ALTA VISTA, there are times that you can avail a more affordable option by contacting them directly whether through email or their Social Media accounts.

Food, food, and food!
When traveling, I honestly prefer trying local stores or restaurants. I honestly believe that when we support local businesses, it will keep inspiring more locals to thrive and do their share of keeping the place tourist-friendly.

Fresh Mango Shake Everyday!
During our 5-stay in Boracay, we seriously indulged in trying many local flavors. From local restaurants, kiosks and fruit shake stands. I love Mango Shakes, and whenever possible, I buy one. Aside from that Boracay is home to many local businesses that have been must-try for first-timers. But if you are looking for something fancy, again, I suggest that you check out some deals online. And if you ShopBack, you can double your chances of saving.

Birthday Treat at La-Ud Restaurant
In our case, since it was only my birthday when visited Boracay, I treated the family La-Ud Restaurant at Station X. It is one of the many top-rated restaurants on the island that come with affordable prices. Through Klook, I was able to save 10% from our buffet dinner. And since I booked it through ShopBack, I also got 3% cash back.

Cozy Lunch at Aplaya
TRAVEL TIP: Download the mobile app SHOPBACK, register, and then from there you can book different Boracay-related activities, transport, and accommodation with discounts and cash back options. 
So, if you are planning to visit Boracay soon, remember that you don’t have to be spending too much. These deals that I mentioned are based on personal experience, so I guarantee that they are legit.
Enjoy and stay safe, everyone!

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