Indie-Pop Songstress Rosie Darling Returns With Powerful Anthem On Self-Acceptance "Boxes"

Indie-pop artist Rosie Darling is back with her second song of the summer, "Boxes", out now via Nettwerk. The beautifully relatable track showcases Rosie's stunning voice and lyrics that all of us can identify with about transitions, growth, and change.

Rosie shares of the song: “These last few years have been challenging. Challenging in a way that you know you’re growing even though you are in the same place, doing the same things, and yet things have changed. You’re no longer willing to be other people's idea of you.  
People that you were once close to - you no longer are, but that is because you’ve grown and learned to value yourself and not put yourself thru that clique-y torture of ‘am I good enough?,’ ‘do they like me?’ etc. ‘Boxes’ is my way of saying - ‘I’ve been there too, you will get out of that confining hell-ish box - I swear.’” 

"Boxes", produced with collaborator Justin Gammella (FINNEAS, Ashe) and mixed by Yianni AP (Alexander 23, Jeremy Zucker), comes on the heels of Rosie Darling's previous track "Justify", as well as her releases of "Nail In The Coffin" ft. Boy In Space, an emotional track, which circles around a breakup without closure, and "Lost On You”, an extremely personal yet therapeutic song that attempts to find solace in a painful heartbreak. While Rosie is about feeling the feels, she also wants to heal what hurts and protect her peace.

LA-based indie-pop artist Rosie Darling is a quietly confident and passionately creative singer-songwriter, known for her signature flowing melodies and gut-wrenching lyrics. Her 2021 debut EP 'Coping' and 2022’s 'Golden Age' EP kickstarted her stratospheric rise, with over 175 million global streams and the title-track “Coping” having swept up viral charts on Spotify – charting on Viral 50 playlists in 8 markets across Asia and Top 20 on the Global Viral Chart, and support from the likes of VH1 India, MTV Asia, Rolling Stone India, Billboard Indonesia and more. 

With more new music on the way, “Boxes" mark a fresh chapter for Rosie as she looks towards expanding her sonic palette, refining her songwriting, and ultimately revealing her forthcoming debut LP later this year.

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