Chris LaRocca Announces EP With First Single "like u"

Producer, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Chris LaRocca today announced his next anticipated EP, 'smile because it happened', is set to arrive on Red Bull Records/Wonderchild on July 28. The first single off the project, “like u” is out now, giving fans a taste of the full project to come. LaRocca flexes his R&B stylings on the track, with smooth rhythms that cushion his post-breakup woes and soulful vocals from collaborator Rhyan Douglas. Following his most recent EP, 'perhaps!', which earned him multiple billboards in his hometown of Toronto, “like u” is an early indicator that LaRocca’s refined production and textured soundscapes continue to shine on the forthcoming package. 

LaRocca shares, “‘like u’ is a song about selfishness in relationships. It was inspired by a short-lived long distance relationship I was involved in at a confusing time in my life. I didn’t put forth much effort to make it work but stuck it out for selfish reasons, and ended up being emotionally unavailable to my partner in times where she needed me the most. We would break up, and I would come back around with promises of being different that I never lived up to. Because of the distance and all of these ups and downs, we ended up going our separate ways, but this song is an ode to the back and forth I experienced mentally while trying to figure out what I really wanted.”

'smile because it happened' will be the second major release from LaRocca on the label, after being sought after and signed by Grammy-nominated producer, WondaGurl. Beyond his solo work, he’s a lauded songwriter and producer for other artists, with credits on hits from heavyweights like Grammy-winning singer, Kali Uchis and K-pop sensation, Stray Kids. Amassing over 13 million global career streams and praise from the likes of Complex, Billboard, The FADER, and more, LaRocca’s eclectic approach has found an audience in every corner, making him one of the most exciting breakout acts in 2023.

About Chris LaRocca

A penchant for just the right amount of disorder is woven into Chris LaRocca’s roots. The Toronto vocalist and producer was first exposed to music through the jazz his father played around his childhood home in Woodbridge, Ontario, opening up his ears to the likes of Miles Davis and John Coltrane. Later in his youth, he played in bands with friends, morphing through screaming post-hardcore, electronic-tinged indie, and the unconventional spirit of math rock. Together, they toured across Canada, playing house shows and DIY gigs in nearly every state, revelling in the atmosphere of those intimate, sweaty spaces. 
“It was really, really fun because it was just a very raw environment, and the way that music sounds in those places has always stuck with me,” LaRocca explains. “It’s loud and chaotic, and everyone’s singing along. I try to have that energy in my music when it’s recorded now.” 
‘perhaps!’, the first of a pair of forthcoming EPs, ticks that box in the most enjoyable way possible. Three of its four tracks crackle and fizz with digital dynamism, meshing together a wealth of ideas and experiments that come together to create cohesive, addictive gems. The EP began life when LaRocca was stuck inside his house, completing a stint of mandatory quarantine after returning from a writing trip in LA. “I was learning a lot about myself on that trip, including that I’m a very self-deprecating person,” he shares. That revelation inspired the idea of taking the phrase “life of the party” and using it to portray himself as “the furthest thing from that”. 

WondaGurl, the Grammy-nominated Canadian producer, songwriter and head of Wonderchild, the label to which LaRocca is signed in partnership with Red Bull Records, quickly gave ‘perhaps!’ her seal of approval, instilling new confidence in her signee. “She was the first person to make me believe in myself as a producer,” he says. “She’s really a mentor to me and has given me so much life advice that’s helped me so much. I don’t think this music would sound the way it does if it weren’t for her involvement and influence.” 

Looking ahead, LaRocca has simple aims for the role he wants his music to play for people. Each EP is rife with themes of growing up, struggling and letting your family down – things he sees everyone being able to understand. “We’re all in the same boat,” he reasons. “There’s no power dynamics here. If you’re listening to my music, you’re my friend now – I just want people to feel like they’re in my community.” 

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