Steve Aoki and Ángela Aguilar Join Forces in “Invítame A Un Café”

Renowned artist and producer Steve Aoki, once again surprises us with an unexpected collaboration with Regional Mexican music songstress Ángela Aguilar, in new single "Invítame A Un Café”. Inspired by Rocío Durcal’s timeless classic “La Gata Bajo la Lluvia'', the single and video are now available on all platforms.

This unique collaboration showcases the versatility of two of the most distinguished artists in their respective genres, blending elements of Regional Mexican music with Steve’s innovative  and distinctive style. The result is an edgy and addictive hit that transforms elements from the timeless classic and takes them to new heights.

"Invítame A Un Café" transcends generations and borders, which shows the song's unmatched ability to resonate with fans of multiple ages, and walks of life. The single combines electronic elements and contemporary sounds with the essence and emotional strength of the original song, creating a unique and captivating auditory experience.

The music video was shot on location in Las Vegas and places Steve and Ángela in a diner on a rainy night. As the song progresses, both artists who are sitting in back to back booths reminiscing about a lost  love, are suddenly transcended into a dreary and dreamlike realm where Aoki’s  spell binding beats and ambient sounds take over.

With this release, Steve Aoki and Ángela Aguilar continue to make their mark in the music industry, pushing boundaries and exploring new artistic possibilities. "Invítame A Un Café" promises to become an instant hit and an anthem for music lovers of different styles and generations.

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