Sarah Barrios Sheds Light On The Female Experience With "Welcome To The Real World"

Acclaimed singer-songwriter Sarah Barrios is set to captivate audiences once again with her new single, “Welcome To The Real World”. The song dives deep into the female experience, highlighting the challenges and fears many women face daily. With this empowering anthem, Sarah seeks to foster understanding and encourage open conversations between men and women.

Inspired by her own conversations with men regarding the female experience, Sarah realized that even “nice guys” were unaware of the realities women face. From catcalling to being sexualized for their clothing choices, to the fear of rejecting someone due to potential violent consequences, these experiences often seemed far-fetched to men. However, after talking to the women in their lives, many gained clarity and understanding.

In "Welcome To The Real World", Sarah isn't focused on pointing fingers or blaming men. Instead, she aims to change the narrative and encourage men to understand the perspectives of the women they care about, and engage in these conversations with their male friends. As Sarah puts it, "I can talk about it all I want, but at the end of the day, men talking with other men speaks volumes.”

Poignant lyrics are wrapped in catchy, soaring vocal melodies, supported by the instrumental’s tasteful guitar and synth work. The song serves as an upbeat powerful reminder that empathy and understanding are crucial for creating a more inclusive environment for women and men. 

Following her latest pop-punk rebellion song “Talk!Talk!Talk!”, which highlights the challenges of facing undue criticism online and being defiant to them, “Welcome To The Real World” continues on themes of empowerment and frustration, especially as a woman in the world today.

Sarah Barrios is a breath of fresh air with her unapologetically sweet voice, infectious melodies, and playful pop musicality. A proud reading and fantasy enthusiast, her approach is akin to that of writing a novel. Weaving together stories with raw human emotion, Sarah wins her audience at first listen with a textured experience of imagery and color. Influenced by an intelligently diverse spectrum ranging from Jane Austen to Sci-Fi books, The Beatles and Fleetwood Mac to Jon Bellion and Paramore, Sarah’s music evokes both nostalgia and anticipation for the future.

After years of songwriting with the likes of Zara Larsson, Alec Benjamin, Why Don’t We, Rita Ora, accruing over 80 million streams and collecting a nomination for TikTok Songwriter of the Year at the 2022 iHeartRadio Music Awards, Sarah is set to expand her horizons and her growing fanbase in Asia. She has previously collaborated with global superstar Eric Nam for hit song "Have We Met Before" and Filipino pop artist Syd Hartha on the reflective number "All My Sins".

Now, Asian territories dominate her Top 10 Streaming Markets which include Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Philippines,  Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand.

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