Local Software Company Launches AI Applications to Empower Filipinos

Symph, a dynamic software development consulting firm in the Philippines, recently held it #SymphAI30x30 Media Party in BGC, Taguig City last May 23 to celebrate its remarkable achievement of creating 30 AI-powered apps by April 30th.

Symph is dedicated to empowering individuals and fostering understanding of AI's role within society. The event served as a crucial step toward achieving these goals. Symph extends its heartfelt thanks to the media representatives who actively supported the event, aiding in educating the public about the impact of AI on the community and addressing potential challenges. 

"People are scared to lose their jobs. We have to do something before it's too late. We can help them start to reskill or simply open their minds on all the potentials.  And that's the reason why we made a lot of efforts in educating the market on AI. The great possibilities while doing it ethically and responsibly. We have to go fast, otherwise, we might be left behind," shared Chelle Gray, Director of Business Development & Partnerships at Symph.

Changing the game with AI apps
The emergence of Artificial Intelligence has been an unexpected pain point amongst the working population. The looming question of “Is AI going to replace my job?” is something that has struck panic, especially with the further developments in tech. However, it is important to note that as we enter a new era, we - humans - define technology and not the other way around.

At Symph, they are working towards their mission of pushing the limits of AI, discovering new possibilities, and fostering a creative and collaborative environment where innovation can thrive with the theme “Build Openly with AI.” Symph aim to utilize AI as a tool to improve working conditions, allowing innovation to prosper. With tools such as AppGen (app.symph.ai/) and Prompeteer, anyone can also create an AI app without coding experience.

"We have this theme, Build Openly with AI. We share our AI apps as work-in-progress. More importantly, we invite the community to try the apps and we listen to their feedback. Together, we are building the future we want to create," shared Jarrhey dela Peña, Chief Operating Officer.

April 2023 Campaign | AI30x30
In line with Build Openly with AI, Symph launched AI 30x30 last April. The goal of this campaign was to create 30 AI-powered apps by April 30th. The company went beyond their target and built over 60 apps by April 30.

Many of these applications were created with the intention to help professionals with their workload, making processes and systems more efficient. Symph have created multiple initiatives that can assist with things such as Lesson Plans (sym.ph/LessonPlannerPH/), Social Media Content (instacap.symph.ai/) and more. All of which were done in under 30 days.

Symph's Edson Carreon, full-stack developer, also introduced Grognak, an AI Caveman app that simplifies complex topics for better understanding. This app holds great potential for museums and tech or science-related events, making learning a fun and effortless experience for kids.

Aside from Edson, Symph's Ragan Lamoc, also a full-stack developer, demonstrated Fitplanr. It is an AI-powered personal trainer app that generates custom gym programs. By seamlessly integrating with gyms and fitness amenities, Fitplanr empowers both gym-goers and beginners to kickstart their workouts with confidence.

Jarrhey dela Peña also showcased Prompeteer which was developed by Michael Suarez, Symph's AI and Fullstack engineer based in Cebu. Jarrhey personally uses the app daily, which empowers users to create AI-powered chatbots without coding. After Jarrhey demoed the app, media participants were able to create their own AI apps within minutes. Prompeteer offers businesses an opportunity to showcase their brand persona through an AI app, helping customers make informed purchase decisions through engaging conversations. 

May 2023 Campaign | SymphAI4Brands
To continue creating endless possibilities and opportunities using AI. Symph empowered each Sympher where they can develop an AI app for their favorite brands hence SymphAI4Brands was launched. You may follow #SymphAI4Brands to check out apps that have been developed by Symph’s super fans.

Symph is excited to captivate audiences with its upcoming AI events and initiatives. The company is dedicated to reshaping the AI landscape, constantly exploring new horizons and pushing the boundaries of technological advancements. With their unwavering commitment to #BuildOpenlyWithAI, Symph invites everyone to join them on this exciting journey. You can see all of Symph'sr AI apps here by visiting https://symph.ai.

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