Korean-American Starlet Zeph Returns With Irresistible New Anthem "you don't like me like that"

Korean-born, LA-based alt pop-star Zeph (full name Zephani Jong) is back with yet another relatable bop. The budding songstress unveiled her newest single, “you don’t like me like that”, a song that will speak to anyone who’s ever been led on by the person they love. Alongside the release is the announcement of her debut full-length album, 'character development', which will be out later this summer.

Zeph shares of the new track: "'you don’t like me like that' is about me being tired of a guy leading me on. It’s about me falling for it even though I already know he doesn't actually like me and wishing he would just outright tell me so I could get closure and move on. I wrote the first half as a short song then finished the rest of it after I opened some shows on a Waterparks's tour. The way Awsten would yell the lyrics or even change them up to interact with the crowd inspired me to be more deliberate with how my own lyrics would play on stage, which is why I wrote "he's making me go fucking crazy" with the "go fucking crazy" part over the break in the song! "

While the new single initially debuted live during Zeph’s tour run with Waterparks, it’s now getting an official streaming release and music video for the first time. The track follows Zeph’s poignant release in March, “like everyone else”, which was met with wide support across prominent press and tastemakers from Asia like Vh1 India, Kpopmap, Media Indonesia, sweeping up New Music Friday playlists across 8 territories on Spotify Asia, as well as gracing the cover of Future Indie on Resso Indonesia.

Charismatic internet superstar and singer on the rise Zeph has become a leading voice in a generation of new alt-pop artists. Unafraid to "overshare" online, the 23-year-old uses songwriting to transform personal experiences into meaningful music that has captured the heart of fans globally.

Whether it's through her songwriting, or her viral Twitter page, Zeph knows how to spin a story like no one else. It's no wonder hundreds of thousands of fans follow her every move online and 5 million monthly listeners flock to her Spotify page.

Zeph also prides herself on having full creative control of her music, writing and producing tracks entirely on her own as an independent artist. Set on expanding her horizons, Zeph has grown a significant fanbase across Asia which include Jakarta, New Delhi, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, and Quezon City in her top 10 streaming cities worldwide.

Now, backed by MDDN and Hopeless Records, Zeph is propelling her recording career to new heights, and the sky's the limit. 

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