#AlexReviews: Toyota Corolla Altis HEV

Learning to drive has provided extra freedom that I enjoy from time to time. It’s been 4 years now since I got my driver’s license, though I don’t consider myself that good yet, since I’m driving alone most of the time, I managed to learn a few things about automobiles and even how to repair some minor error, including changing tires. 

Just recently, I was invited by Toyota Motor Philippines to try their hybrid vehicle – the Toyota Corolla Altis HEV – that provides not just an efficient driving experience, but also helps keep the environment safe and healthy.

With many companies now shifting to sustainable ways of keeping Mother Earth happy and sound, Toyota, being among one of the world’s leading multinational automotive manufacturers, has continuously ramped up its efforts of providing the market with sustainable options for driving automobiles, and one of these is their selection of Hybrid Vehicles.
6 Amazing Features of Toyota Corolla Altis HEV

Packed with stunning features and advanced performance, the Toyota Corolla Altis HEV is set to give that ultimate driving satisfaction and fulfillment with its advanced Hybrid engine that seamlessly combines an efficient gasoline engine and a high-output, self-charging electric motor for maximum fuel mileage.
I got three days to try and take this Toyota Corolla Altis HEV for a spin, and though, I’m not sure what to expect, I must say that I was amazed by how powerful and efficient it is with less noise and Earth-friendly features.

1. Classy Look and Feel
For starters, being a Sedan driver myself, I find the exterior of this car sleek and polished. Carrying that signature Toyota Corolla Altis look, this Hybrid version is marked with a Hybrid logo, which made it easier to distinguish from other vehicles. From its sexy color and form to its accessories, I must say that this car offers a stylish yet family-friendly appeal that suits Pinoy’s style.

For its interior, the Toyota Corolla Altis HEV's sleek and posh look was made more captivating with its elegant leather seat covering both in front and back seats, soft-touch panels in matte black, and Illuminated entry system, complementing the overall executive design of the vehicle. Its push-button start gives it an innovative upgrade that is highlighted in blue color symbolizing that this vehicle is Hybrid.

The dashboard comes with a digital screen that provided compact information on the vehicle’s performance while driving as well as its audio-video system that comes with a 10-inch screen for easy access. Currently, this AV System only supports Android gadgets, but with its Bluetooth system, playing your song through your Apple gadgets could be made possible.
2. Keyless / Push-button Start / Electronic Brake
Three of the major features of this Hybrid vehicle that I find notable – well, aside from being Hybrid - are its keyless features, push-button start, and electronic hand brake. I must say that I’m impressed and “praning” at the same time about these features given my experience with the AT car that I’m driving.

An upgrade that anyone could enjoy, these keyless and push-button start features provide ease of access without the hassle of actually carrying the car keys. I just have to note that the sensors of this HEV are quite sensitive, so as long as you are near the car, you or anyone can easily open the car.
Speaking of sensors, the Toyota Corolla Altis HEV also possesses Toyota Safety Sense that keeps you, your passenger, and your car alert and safe all the time. Driving in the metro with so many motorcycles around may keep these sensors ringing all the time, but please keep in mind that this is for your safety, okay?

Meanwhile, for the electronic brake, the Toyota Corolla Altis HEV provides a no-hand brake vehicle that leverages to other higher levels of automobiles. Though, again, nakakapraning at the beginning, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll appreciate how it automatically provides safety and security without the hassle of clicking or controlling too many levers or buttons inside your car.
3. Spacious Interior
Since I’m already driving a Sedan, I’m not expecting much, but I find this Toyota Corolla Altis HEV provides much more space than my regular car.

Leg Room, you say?
The front seats can comfortably seat the driver and another passenger in front without being too close to one another. The driver seat comes with electronic controls if you need to lean a little forward or just need a little hunch for your legs or even lower back. Though, I’m still wishing that the driver’s seat can still be adjusted manually just like other regular cars as an option for those who were not gifted with longer legs or prefers their seat closer to the pedals. Well, they made extra effort by providing an adjustable steering wheel. :-)
Meanwhile, its backseat, which is ideally good for four people also provides convenience with foldable cup holders serving as a divider and added convenience. If folded, the rear area can seat three person max.
4. Hybrid Means Efficient Fuel Consumption
Though I must admit that an entry-level Toyota Corolla Altis HEV is still pricey at PHP1.6M, its wondrous engine is made not just to give you big savings on fuel consumption but also saves you from maintenance, and it's environment friendly!

Took this baby to Tagaytay, and it was the smoothest trip ever!
With this kind of weather that we have here in the Philippines, it’s really about time to consider products in the market that will help us save the planet and its resources. Toyota’s effort of providing sustainable products is just one part of the many efforts we’re seeing now from various micro to large enterprises, and these hybrid and electronic cars are serving us the future that we all deserve.
During my sit-down interview with Toyota representatives, I was informed that a regular or average city-driving using this Toyota Corolla Altis HEV can only consume one full-tank of fuel in a month since the main source of the power of the vehicle comes from the electric battery inside the car. During traffic or every time you hit the brake, the battery recharges itself using the fuel, which keeps away your worries about losing power.

Me and my friends during our quick trip to Tagaytay City
One of the best things that I think this car's engine offers is its soooooooo quiet that it will give you that feeling of flying especially when you are traversing highways. During my quick trip to Tagaytay using this car, it gave me that feeling of playing a race car inside my house. All that I can hear inside the car is the sound of my radio and my friends. Even on rough roads, I never heard the engine of this car get bothered by sloppy and uphill road of Tagaytay – indeed a perfect travel companion or getaway car if you’ll ask me. *wink*
5. Coding Exempted and Discounted Registration Fee
The last and probably the best part of having a Hybrid vehicle like a Toyota Corolla Altis HEV is that it is exempted from MMDA’s number coding and gets a discount from the payment of the motor vehicle user's charge imposed by the LTO!

Yep, you read it right. In full compliance with RA 11697 or the Electric Vehicle Industry Act, which has been passed into law last April 2022, the exemption of Hybrid-Electric Vehicles (HEV) from MMDA Coding is part of the National Government’s effort of promoting and supporting innovation in clean, sustainable, and efficient energy that will accelerate social progress and human development.
Aside from that, Electric Vehicles (EVs), Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) and Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) can avail the fifteen percent (15%) discount from the payment of the motor vehicle user's charge imposed by the LTO under Republic Act No. 8794, otherwise known as "Motor Vehicle User's Charge Act", as well as vehicle registration and inspection fees for eight (8) years from the effectivity of Electric Vehicle Industry Act.

Isn't it amazing? I bet there are more incredible and exciting things to learn, enjoy and love about this Toyota Corolla Altis HEV, but for now, I hope my top 5 picks are enough for you to be convinced to buy or at least try one of these amazing hybrid vehicles from Toyota!
If you wish to know more about its specs and other details, you may visit https://toyota.com.ph/corolla-altis.
Stay safe and happy driving, everyone!

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Anonymous said...

I honestly think this is the most beautiful Corolla design in recent years. Some say it looks bland, but I say this minimalist design is akin to VWs. The design grows on you and is timeless. I love Toyota. I hope to have a Corolla sedan someday.