Albert Hammond Jr. Unveils 8 New Songs & Music Video For His Track "Old Man"

Today, Albert Hammond Jr - globally renowned guitarist, singer-songwriter and founding member of the Grammy Award-winning band The Strokes - shares eight new songs from his much-anticipated forthcoming solo album, 'Melodies On Hiatus' and the official video for “Old Man,” directed by Angela Ricciardi and Silken Weinberg.

“‘Old Man’ is a song about the passage of time and the realizations that come with it.” Hammond Jr says. “Musically, it came to me the quickest of any song on the record. Even Colin’s intro was one take. He didn’t even know what he was gonna play. He just played that and could never top it. Was an incredible moment to be a part of.” 

“I'm going through changes and these songs reflect behaviors and moments of mine that - as time has gone on - have taken shape and become universal,” Hammond Jr explains. “I get asked about the meaning or big picture of this album, but it’s just that writing songs and creating is who I am and feels like why I exist. My goal is to have my music be part of someone's life, part of their fabric, and this feels like the best collection of music I've made and my best attempt at achieving that.”

The eight new songs follow the previously released track “100-99” featuring GoldLink. With contributions from Steve Stevens, Matt Helders and Rainsford, 'Melodies on Hiatus' features production by Gus Oberg and was co-written remotely with Simon Wilcox, mixed by Tony Hoffer (Beck, Air, M83, Metric, Chromeo) and mastered by Dave Cooley (Paramore, Spoon, Tame Impala, Jimmy Eat World,).

Hammond Jr.'s music appeals to fans across the globe as well as this region with Indonesia being one of his top 20 most streamed countries. Additionally, apart from touring with his band, The Strokes at We The Fest (Indonesia) 🇮🇩 and Good Vibes Festival (Malaysia) 🇲🇾 at the end of July, Hammond Jr also confirmed his headlining On Hiatus Tour this September, which includes sold-out stops in The US with support from Rainsford.

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