Alan Walker Teamed Up with Sasha Alex Sloan for "Hero" Before His Shows in Indonesia ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฉ & Vietnam

Alan Walker joins forces with vocal powerhouse Sasha Alex Sloan for their hauntingly beautiful new track “Hero”.

“Hero” is a follow-up to his recent single “Dreamer”, a joint release with NCS and a tribute track to his loyal fanbase. Unlike “Dreamer”, which showcases Walker’s signature EDM sound, “Hero” is a reflection of his softer side. The track is a cinematic blend of melodies and undulating basslines that pair perfectly with Sloan’s incredible vocals. With meaningful and emotive lyrics that encapsulate an homage to the everyday heroes in our lives, the single is definitely an anthem not to be missed.

“I’ve been looking forward to releasing this song called "Hero" for a long time. It’s also been a pleasure working with Sasha Alex Sloan and her amazing voice. This track is about celebrating the very dear people we see as heroes. Recognizing the work they’ve put in to make this world brighter and more resilient. I hope ‘Hero’ inspires our listeners to embrace their inner hero, live openly and love deeply.” said Walker.

“I was so excited when Alan asked me to sing on this track. I’ve been a fan of his since "Faded" and I’m stoked for our song to be out in the world.” Sloan added.

Both Walker and Sloan are no strangers to festivals. They have performed in massive festivals such as Tomorrowland, Lollapalooza, EDC, and the most recent Neon Countdown in Thailand. Sloan also performed at Coachella last month. With plenty of festivals coming up this summer, “Hero” is bound to be on heavy rotation for those goosebump-inducing moments in Alan’s sets.

Walker will be traveling to Asia again in June, performing live at Grand Prix Formula E in Indonesia and Heineken’s Silver Music Festival in Vietnam. “Hero” is his second release of 2023, with more already waiting in the pipeline.

Walker is one of the most successful and influential DJs in the world. He currently has over 50 billion streams across streaming platforms and ranked #17 on DJ Mag Top 100 last year. He is also the second most followed DJ on YouTube, with over 43 million subscribers. He has a loyal fanbase across the globe, especially in Asia, where India, Indonesia and Malaysia are ranked top five in his most streamed countries.

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