WorldRemit Continues to Recognize OFWs’ Hard Work and Global Impact this Labor Day

Labor Day is celebrated to honor the contributions of workers and the centuries-old labor movement. Overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), among the largest group of migrant workers globally, are no exception from being recognized back in their home country. Often, OFWs endure challenging work conditions, homesickness, and cultural differences just to provide for their family and friends back home.

“Labor Day is a time to pay tribute to the hard work, determination, and selflessness of OFWs. It’s also the perfect time to recognize how they provide for their families, but also help improve the global economy,” said Earl Melivo, Head of APAC at WorldRemit.

Christian, a sea-based electrical engineer, shared about his experiences working abroad for over a decade. "As an OFW, I know firsthand the struggles that we face every day to provide for our families. It was especially hard during the pandemic, but till now we keep working to support everyone who’s counting on us," he said.
Indeed, the COVID-19 pandemic brought a new set of challenges to OFWs. For instance, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) reported a 75% drop in OFW deployment in 2020—the lowest deployment number in over three decades which had a flow-on effect for both international and local economies. The Department of Migrant Workers have also cited that deployments remain below one million workers per year for the past three years, still below pre-pandemic levels.
Rising cost of living caused by increased inflation and global supply chain issues have also reduced migrant remittances. The IOM cited a decline in overseas money transfers due to an economic downturn and job losses in a 2022 report.
Despite the challenges, Christian urged his countrymen to not lose heart.
The migrant work landscape has come a long way since I first started over 10 years ago, but there’s still much to improve about it. We should continue to work together to advocate for better working conditions and the protection of our rights,” he said.
“Para na ‘to sa future ng mga pamilya natin, mga susunod pa sa ‘tin, pati na rin ng bansa!” he added. (We should do this for the future of our loved ones, the next generation of OFWs, and also the country!)
With proactive support from the government in recent months, migrant Filipinos stand to fill gaps in a global, post-pandemic labor market.
Digital remittance platform WorldRemit joins Christian in honoring the unwavering dedication of OFWs this Labor Day. Together with the administration, it aims to remain a valuable partner to millions of hardworking Filipinos abroad.
"On behalf of WorldRemit, we would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to all OFWs and migrant workers around the world. Your hard work inspires us to keep doing what we do, and we are always proud to be a part of your journey,” said Melivo. “We wish you all a happy Labor Day!"
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