UBX CEO Reveals ‘Balance is Key’ to Thriving in the Fintech Landscape

The formula to running a successful business in the modern professional arena is to achieve an equilibrium between work and personal life, UBX President and CEO John Januszczak revealed in the pilot episode of The Orange Chair, a web series featuring today’s top thought leaders and influencers.

Employees are able to focus more on their job if they have a well-rounded lifestyle. As the leading open finance platform in the Philippines, UBX is driven by this principle, which translates to the services it provides to its customers.

“We work to live, we don’t live to work. We have to keep that in mind. Hopefully, we are allowing our customers to feel the same way,” Januszczak said.

A YouTube series developed by UBX, The Orange Chair showcases inspiring corporate stories that give audiences business insights, enabling the company to further drive its goal of including everyone.
Aside from holistic growth, integrity is also one of the primary values in the UBX workplace. Shareholders’ trust is a major aspect of its operations as a business, with multiple players investing in the growth of the digital platform and providing capital for its growth.
Januszczak shared that this particular aspect of management is inspired by principles he acquired from his parents.
“Growing up, we always knew the value of a dollar. We took care of what was entrusted to us. That plays very well in my current role. Our shareholders have entrusted us with capital to grow our business and either way we have to take care of it and it has continued to serve us well,” he said.
As a testament to this current success, Januszczak revealed that the company has processed over P20 billion worth of loan applications. UBX has empowered businesses who previously had no access to credit by facilitating the entire process of funding between them and potential investors.
A practical go-to platform for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and startups for digital solutions, UBX boasts of innovative ventures such as SeekCap, its open-lending marketplace; i2i, its banking-as-a-service platform; and BUx, an end-to-end payment solutions platform that allows merchants of all sizes to accept all forms of payment.
Majority of the country’s businesses which are registered with the Department of Trade and Industry are classified as MSMEs, generating millions of employment opportunities for Filipinos as well. UBX has been supporting these with its different programs even prior to the onset of the pandemic, allowing them to digitally transform their businesses to adapt to the demands of a changing economy.
“Through our platform we are connecting traditional banks and investors to small businesses who might not even have a bank account. This would have been unheard of years ago. To pay yourself more, to improve the quality of your life–it’s a very positive flywheel effect and we have a lot of stories like that,” shared Januszczak.
Ultimately, the metric of success for the company is access for all. As the country’s leading open finance platform, UBX continues to grow and generate more profit in order to provide opportunity and access to more and more Filipinos everyday.
“True inclusion means everybody: financial, technological, and cultural,” Januszczak said.

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