How to Hack Your Love Life: A Spotify Guide to Navigating Tricky Pag-Ibig Situations

Navigating the waters of love and dating is one big adventure — and it comes with unique challenges for every individual. In this month’s edition, Spotify launches a how-to guide on handling tricky dating situations and pag-ibig woes, a compilation of the best advice from their creators. 

Featured podcast episodes are available through Spotify’s Pag-ibig Hub, a year-long  source on all things love. 

How to deal with being a rebound?
Dating someone who’s fresh out of another relationship — not an easy feat! Ang Walang Kwentang Podcast’s (AWKP) Ang Alamat ng Self-Aware na Rebound Feat. Zack Tabudlo episode delves into rebound relationships, where creators Tonet and JP with special guest, Zack Tabudlo, discuss the risks of loving someone who hasn't finished loving someone else. 

Hack: Take inspo from AWKP’s letter sender and know that love challenges can get easier with moral support from friends. And if all else fails, Zack recommends dedicating his song “Tulad Mo” as a parinig to express your feelings to your crush. 

Paano Kung…The Boiling Waters Podcast, and Lecheng Pag-ibig To! dish out advice on handling (or avoiding!) the situation of being someone’s rebound.

How to manage jealousy?
If you’re in a relationship but struggle with bouts of jealousy, Payaman Insider’s Abakadanilo, ikaw ay umiibig sa katrabaho episode is a worthy listen. In it, the folks behind Payaman Insider warn: undue jealousy can ruin a relationship. 

Hack: Finding new and fun ways to bond with your S.O. can supercharge your connection and help eliminate jealousy. One idea: jamming to a personalized Spotify Blend playlist that mashes your music tastes together.
Check out Wisdom Bars with Real Talk Darbs and Adulting with Joyce Pring, who also share their insights on managing jealousy.

How to embrace singlehood?
Love isn’t just about being in a relationship, but also in singlehood! Hugot Marcelo’s Para sa mga SINGLE ngayon episode talks through different seasons of being single and how to thrive outside of romantic relations. 

Hack: Lean into your own “main character” era! Sing in the shower, dance to your fave bops and soundtrack moments with this my life is a movie playlist.

For more tips on relishing alone time and investing in self-love, tune in to episodes from Talking NansenseThe Ganito Kasi Yan Pod, and Sleeping Pill with Inka.
How to communicate effectively in a relationship?
One of the key ingredients to a good relationship is healthy communication. In skypodcast’s Nagpaparinig Ka Ba? episode, Kryz and Slater Young discuss the differences in self-expression between a man and woman, and how couples can navigate “parinigs” in their relationships.

Hack: For the nagpaparinig — say it with lyrics! Dedicating a song or even an entire playlist to express your feelings is one creative way to get the message across. And for the pinaparinggan — decode it with the help of podcasts. Hear from your favorite creators for a fresh perspective on what that hint could mean.

Yellow SpaceThe Comfort Room and Kwentong Callroom also share different takes on making parinig. And if you’re still on the hunt for a subtle hint to drop or podcasts to guide you through parinigs, check out Spotify’s Parinig Mo playlist.


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