Capture the Glory and Story of Flores de Mayo with #TheAuraPortraitMaster vivo V27 Series

No occasion is too small for Filipinos. When it comes to celebrations and festivals, Filipinos spare no effort to make each event as, if not more, memorable than the last one.

Expect no less with the Flores de Mayo. In this month-long celebration of Filipinos’ devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, towns get adorned in vibrant colors, churches are filled with a kaleidoscope of flowers and people gather together to celebrate fiestas. Besides the gastronomic delights, there is singing and dancing, even bands and contests to cap the night off.. For many, the most anticipated part is the Santacruzan, a grand parade of young women and men dressed as queens and kings of old in commemoration of Saint Helena’s quest for the Sacred Cross.

This Flores de Mayo, step up the merrymaking a notch and don’t just immerse yourself in all the festivities. Even better, capture all the glory and story of the celebration in their vibrant colors and beauty with the vivo V27 Series, the Aura Portrait Master. With its new and advanced camera features, the vivo V27 Series lets you preserve in posterity all the special moments of your Flores de Mayo to relive even years later.
One, two, three…say Reyna!  
Is a dear friend or cousin  at the Santacruzan this year and you’re the designated photographer? Or are you there just to watch the parade?
Either way, you’re sure to capture all the stunning ladies in their dazzling gowns and their dashing escorts with the vivo V27 Series. With its most advanced camera yet, vivo makes it possible to take great, studio-quality photos of all the queens in all their splendid aura without the need for a professional camera.
The vivo V27 Series is powered by the first-of-its-kind Aura Portrait Algorithm, a camera system made up of three features -- the Sony IMX766V, the Aura Light and vivo’s Advanced Portrait Mode.
The Sony IMX766V, vivo’s newest and largest camera sensors, boosts image quality and vibrance by increasing the amount of light six times when photos are shot at low-light conditions to yield images that are bright and vivid. Aura Light, vivo’s new upgraded camera flash that resembles the appearance and capabilities of a ring light, is designed specifically for taking portraits. This feature evenly lights up your subject’s face for more refined skin tones and rich facial details. With the Sony IMX766V and the Aura Light combined, your portraits can reflect the natural beauty of all the Santacruzan queens and escorts as well as the colors and intricate details of their outfits, the flowers and arcs.
vivo’s Advanced Portrait Mode further enriches photo quality. This feature, supported by vivo’s Exclusive Portrait Algorithm, beautifies and retouches each image using vivo’s AI algorithm to give your subject a more natural and healthier appearance without making exaggerated enhancements. It also supports a new Low-Light Portrait feature that adds tones to the background to make it more radiant and bring out stunning details and emotions. The Portrait Mode works harmoniously with the Aura Light, a feat ordinary smartphone cameras have yet to make possible.
With the Aura Portrait Algorithm, everything that you need to take professional, studio-level photos is already at your fingertips in a smartphone that fits right in your pocket. Don’t miss your chance to capture all the special moments of your local Santacruzan with your new and powerful vivo V27 Series!
Film, edit and post

If photos are not nearly enough to chronicle the beauty and grandeur of the Flores de Mayo festivities, videos will. The vivo V27 Series packs EIS + OIS Dual-Ultra Stabilization for stable recording of all street performances and parades. This feature reduces shakes and jitters during filming to help you better highlight the elegance and smiles of your Santacruzan queensFor when the parade and celebrations run long, toggle on the Super Night Video feature to ensure you still get clear and detailed output even when the sun sets or the festivities extend into the evening.
When you’ve got all the videos you want, vivo’s exclusive Vlog Movie Creator can help you put all of them together into one fantastic vlog. Edit without the fuss and hassle, thanks to vivo V27 Series’ easy-to-use techniques and built-in video effects and features, allowing you to share your Flores de Mayo experience with your friends and followers as if they were there.
Take advantage of this month-long festival to showcase your photography and video prowess. With the vivo V27 Series’ advanced camera features, you will surely capture every glorious moment of all May celebrations.
The vivo V27 Series is available for purchase at vivo’s official stores nationwide. You may also get your vivo V27 Series at vivo’s vivo’s official website and ShopeeLazada  and TikTok stores.

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