Watch Out for Upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang ALLSTAR Event!

Take the stage in the upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang annual celebrations and be your own kind of superstar! Featuring up to four new hero skins, this year's annual MLBB celebrations has taken on a new and elevated upgrade; fan favourites Miya, Eudora, Rafaela and Hanabi will be part of the ALLSTAR music stage!

Levelling up as ALLSTAR
Previously known as 515 e-party or 515 Unite, the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang annual party inherits the past music festival concept to take celebrations up a notch with an all new upgraded branding - ALLSTAR, which will also bring pan-entertainment content for players around the world.

Made with the intention for everyone and anyone, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a 5v5 multiplayer online battle arena that lets anyone be the superstar they want to be. Become a tank, support, fighter, assassin, or even a marksmen to bring out the star in you, regardless or background, status or even age! Every player in MLBB has equal opportunities to break through their unlimitless potential. The new ALLSTAR campaign will kick off celebrations on 31st March, with new map theme to be released on 22 March.

Unveiling the ALLSTAR skins!
The new ALLSTAR campaign will feature new character skins which can be acquired from 31st March onwards (skins will be released on subsequent days)! Players can also expect an exclusively cyberpunk themed ALLSTAR map UI and Lord, and more in-game activities to reign in the music themed celebration.

The new hero skins are as follows:

Miya “Atomic Pop”

Eudora “Atomic Pop”

Rafaela "Seraphic Selfie"

Hanabi "Moonlit Ninja"

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