Rising Asian Artist Thomas Ng Drops New Track "Heart On Fire"

Born in the UK, raised in Hong Kong, and now Boston-based, singer-songwriter Thomas Ng has released a soulful R&B-inspired track "Heart on Fire". Taking inspiration from a friend's experience with toxic relationships, the song tells a story of unrequited love and passionate pursuit despite the odds. 

Through "Heart on Fire", Ng hopes to inspire listeners to follow their passions, even if they may not lead to the desired outcome, they often lead to the most valuable lessons and personal growth. “I kept thinking of the words ‘the way you set my heart on fire’ because that’s really it - it literally feels like your heart is about to explode because it’s burning so hot, even if they’re not right for you”, says Ng.

Thomas Ng has been generating buzz internationally since signing with Warner Music Asia and releasing "One Last Dance (feat. Milky Day)". The track has become the biggest hit of his career to date, racking up over 5 million streams, and the accompanying TikTok post for the track release has garnered over 12 million views. 
Continuing his streak, the multi-instrumentalist released a collaborative track with Phum Viphurit, titled "Pill", which has accumulated more than 2 million streams across all streaming platforms.  
The Berklee College of Music alumni is working on a series of new music in 2023, with "Heart on Fire" serving as the first instalment of what’s to come.

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