Prime Video Debuts Trailer of Empoy-Alessandra De Rossi Reunion Movie ‘Walang Kaparis’

The official trailer to the much-anticipated reunion movie of Empoy and Alessandra De Rossi, Walang KaParis, is finally out!

Produced by Spring Films and Viva Films, Walang KaParis also brings together the breakout tandem with their Kita Kita director (I See You) Sigrid Andrea Bernardo. The Amazon Original Movie literally means “no match” or “beyond compare”, and is a play on the story’s setting, one of the most romantic places in the world - Paris.

Walang KaParis tells the story of Jojo (Empoy), a Filipino artist in Paris, who has had many lovers, but not one of them could fill the chasm in his life occupied by the mysterious muse of his paintings. Then comes a day when a woman named Marie (De Rossi) walks up to him and claims to be the subject in his paintings. 

So what happens when art imitates life - or when heart imitates life? Find out in the Amazon Original Movie, Walang KaParis, streaming on Prime Video on March 23 in 240 countries and territories.

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