Mind You Launches Free, Gamified Mental Health Consultations Through “House of Healers”

Health-ed start-up Mind You MHS (Mental Health Systems) has officially launched the “House of Healers,” an online platform designed to help address mental health challenges faced by young Filipinos. By utilizing inherent features in video games, the platform aims to create a safe space for conversations. Playing as famous “Healer” characters, Mind You’s team of licensed psychologists will be present in some of the most popular mobile and computer games to offer real-life healing in the form of free mental health education and consultation sessions to anyone who seeks it.

Currently on its soft launch, House of Healers sessions are scheduled every weekend running throughout March and April. Offering easy access to join, sign-up sheets will be released weekly on the official Facebook and Instagram pages of Mind You MHS. There, gamers get to explore the “games” the Healers will be in and have access to book a free one-on-one in-game meet-up. To be able to tailor the program to meet the needs, a Mind You representative will then reach out with further details when the session is confirmed.

“We have built Mind You up to be able to offer accessible and affordable mental healthcare and support for communities and individuals alike. With House of Healers, this is an exciting new avenue for us to be able to extend much-needed support to the gaming industry, in a language that can resonate more,” mentions Yuri Marshall, Chief Executive Officer, Mind You MHS.
Recent reports from the Department of Health suggest that at least 3.6 million Filipinos are struggling with mental health issues. Data from the National Statistics Office also ranked mental health illness as the third most common form of suffering among Filipinos. However, the limited number of psychiatrists in the country and the typically high fees of professional mental health care haven’t made it easy or cost-effective to access help. The problem is further exacerbated by the enduring stigma surrounding mental health, especially from older generations who either lack the understanding or resources to learn. The culmination of this leads to no surprise as to why seeking professional help becomes less and less of a priority for the present-day Filipino.
“The Philippines is currently facing a mental health crisis, especially among the youth who are feeling lost, disconnected, or misunderstood—while a lot clearly still needs to be done, we are seeing this as an opportunity to explore new and creative avenues to reach those in need,” noted Marshall.
Offering an enticing new step towards a healing mental health journey
House of Healers was born from decades of research that have proven the positive impact video games can have on one’s mental health and the idea that it can be used to address the mental health issues prevailing among members of the gaming community. Ultimately, the in-game interactions are meant to serve as the proverbial first step into the mental health journey. Starting with education and consultation, participants can continue on with a slew of services and resources for them to learn, feel empowered, or just be heard.
House of Healers is complemented by a series of Mind You educational livestreams led by Senior Psychologist Rea Celine Villa MAP, LPT, RPsy. In each episode, she is joined by a panel to discuss the mental health situation in the Philippines as it relates to gaming. You can already view their first episode entitled “Power of Community in Gaming” where she talks about the value that having a solid social support system adds to your mental health and how it can be fostered in many gaming communities. Episodes are broadcasted live on Mind You’s official Facebook, Kumu, and Uplive pages (@mindyoumhs).
Compliant with the Data Privacy Act and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the online meetups are designed as educational sessions for interested participants to chat with professionally trained mental health professionals about mental health and learn more about it. At no point will any diagnosis, medication, or intervention be issued unless someone is deemed to be “at-risk”.
Marshall further elaborated, “Mind You understands that gaming is one the more effective channels to reach young Filipinos today. With House of Healers, we aim to leverage the growing popularity and influence of video games to help break the stigma of mental health and encourage others to seek help before it is too late. Together with our partners, we have systems in place to ensure that those in the game feel safe and that their privacy is protected at all times. Overall, we are committed to helping increase the accessibility to better mental health care in the Philippines.”
Register now for a free mental health consultation
The next House of Healers session is scheduled on March 25 and 26 (Saturday and Sunday), from 3pm to 5pm. Registration is now open. Hurry because slots are limited!
Interested in partnering with Mind You to help spread awareness about mental health? Send an email to partnerships@mindyou.com.ph to learn more about the House of Healers program.
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