Greenfield District: A Myriad of Possibilities in the Middle of the Metro

To fully enjoy a convenient city life, the location of the property where one lives and works is a crucial factor to consider. Keeping up with the modern on-the-go lifestyle, many Filipinos go for an easily accessible single setting for their residences, workplaces, and recreational activities. The daily grind becomes a lot easier when they are situated in an area that offers geographical connectivity, a safe community, and other conveniences.

One of the places preferred by today’s urban dwellers is Mandaluyong, a small city with bustling economy in the middle of Metro Manila. At the heart of the Mandaluyong Central Business District sits a future-ready urban development that offers a myriad of possibilities. Opportunities for employment, business, recreation, and urban living abound in the 15-hectare Greenfield District. The transit-oriented mixed-use development of Greenfield Development Corporation is home to strategically located residential and commercial buildings, green open spaces, and various exciting events and activities.

Convenience at your fingertips
Greenfield District’s prime location offers its homeowners and visitors convenience in everyday life.  Living or working at the Greenfield District allows Filipinos to save on gas and avoid spending hours stuck in a traffic as the property is just minutes away from key areas such as hospitals, learning institutions, shopping centers, and central business districts.  Aside from that, Greenfield provides more transportation options and makes the daily commute more convenient as the development is surrounded by major thoroughfares such as EDSA and Shaw Boulevard.  It also has an easy access to the Metro Rail Transit System (MRT).
At Greenfield District, everything you need is within reach. Inside the pedestrian-oriented At Greenfield District, everything you need is within reach. Inside the pedestrian-oriented neighborhood, there are lifestyle centers wherein you can enjoy food, drinks, and at the same time, take care of your well being.
Digital connectivity in daily living
A digital lifestyle is essential for a modern community to thrive in the post-pandemic era.  At Greenfield District’s future-ready condominium developments,  residents benefit from the ultra-fast Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) technology integrated within the township’s masterplan.  Through the FTTH technology, residents of Zitan and Twin Oaks Place have an option to various smartphone-based functionalities such as app-controlled lighting, climate control, telecommunications, and many other possibilities. The unparalleled speed of the internet at Greenfield’s residential properties is also a must-have for residents who continue their remote work or online learning at the comfort of their homes.
Offices of the future
As many companies have now resumed onsite work, the importance of having an office space that is safe, comfortable and conducive to working in the new normal arises.  Office spaces at the Greenfield District such as the Greenfield Tower, the Square, Pavilion, and the IT Center are designed to offer employees connectivity and work-life balance as they resume working in their office desks. A unique environment where wide open spaces co-exist with advanced fiber-optic internet connectivity, the Greenfield District offers post-pandemic workplaces that promote a lifestyle of productivity, health, and wellness. After a long day of work, employees can either conveniently pursue their fitness goals at Greenfield’s open spaces or take a break in the nearby lifestyle centers.
A world of wellness
Living in the city need not mean being trapped in the concrete jungle every single day.  At the Greenfield District, there is no need for urban dwellers to travel far just to experience nature.  Homeowners and visitors have an easy access to open and green spaces where they can enjoy a
leisurely walk, play with their pets, and do activities that help improve their health and well-being.
Residents and visitors alike can also unwind by doing various fun activities at the District.  From food trips to retail therapy, there are many recreational activities in store for everyone. If you feel like hanging out with family or friends over great food, choose from a wide array of dining options at Greenfield District—Food Truck Fest, Weekend Market and restaurants within the District. Fitness enthusiasts will find plenty of opportunities to stay active in Greenfield District. Joggers and bikers can explore the streets of Mayflower, United, Reliance, and Sheridan, which offer wide sidewalks and scenic views. The Climb Central Manila, the biggest indoor air-conditioned sport climbing venue in the Philippines, is a must-visit for climbers.
Nature lovers will appreciate the green spaces and fresh air that Greenfield District has to offer. The park is a safe and well-maintained area where families with young children can play and have fun. Pet owners will also find the district to be pet-friendly, with plenty of spaces to walk their furry friends.
In the middle of a metropolis, Greenfield District is a well-rounded community offering unlimited possibilities to urbanites. Working or living in this smart and connected urban center at the heart of Mandaluyong is surely a smart choice for many Filipinos.

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