Batino and Castrillo "Come to Fore" at Gateway Gallery

Enter into a world where light and shape entwine to create a mesmerizing showcase of creativity and craftsmanship. "Coming to Fore," the eagerly awaited exhibit featuring the exceptional works of Romina Batino-Stiffler and Mierro Castrillo, awaits you at the Gateway Gallery in Araneta City, Quezon City.

Through the spellbinding photography of Batino and the intriguing sculptures of Castrillo, witness the beautiful fusion of two distinct art forms. With each click of Batino's camera and each crevice in Castrillo's metalworks, one is transported to a realm of limitless possibilities, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and the commonplace becomes magical.

Romina Batino is a contemporary digital artist who splits her time between the bustling city of Makati in the Philippines and the charming state of Ohio, USA. Romina's artistic vision revolves around capturing the hidden splendor of everyday life - those fleeting moments that are often ignored or taken for granted. Each of her photographs is visually poetic, conveying a unique story or thought, capturing the amalgamation of light, rain, and colors on a glass panel. 

Batino’s lens captures the beauty of daily objects that we often disregard - raindrops on the moonroof of a car, a dry leaf on the ground, the sun’s reflection on a dewy morning window, and the flow of water - turning them into something special. Although the images are impromptu and unrehearsed, they are nothing short of spectacular. 

Mierro Castrillo is the eldest son of the legendary Filipino sculptor Eduardo S. Castrillo. Mierro's passion for sculptural art was ignited after the passing of his father in 2016, and he has since honed his skills to create pieces that reflect his personal journey and experiences. His sculptures depict everyday but very personal objects that have shaped him: a proud rooster, a trusty bicycle, a majestic horse. He transformed them meticulously with his father’s legacy in mind. Castrillo's stunning sculptures showcase his exceptional ability to breathe life into inert materials and capture the essence, and the story, of his subjects.

At the heart of the exhibit lies a powerful message embodied by its title - "Coming to Fore." This phrase captures the very essence of Batino and Castrillo's artistry, as they skillfully illuminate the often-overlooked magnificence of the world around us. With this show, they invite us to join them on a journey of discovery - to see with fresh eyes and to find inspiration in the mundane. "Coming to Fore" is a celebration of their talents and their unique ability to bring to the fore the magic hidden within everything. 

The exhibit is scheduled to open on March 18, 2023, Saturday, at 4:00 p.m. at the Gateway Gallery in Araneta City, Quezon City, and will be on display until March 31, 2023.

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