5 Things Why Nothing Compares to Walang KaParis

Six years after their blockbuster film, Kita Kita, Director Sigrid Bernardo is back with a follow-up project starring Alessandra de Rossi and Empoy Marquez of the sensational love pairing, ALEmpoy.

As the pandemic wanes, production for films has also come back in full swing. This includes the latest Amazon Original, Walang Kaparis, which will be available for streaming in 240 countries on Prime Video starting March 23, 2023.

Director Sigrid Bernardo once again brings out the one-of-a-kind chemistry between Alessandra de Rossi and Empoy Marquez.

Here are five things you should know about the film:

1. ALEmpoy takes on an acting piece 

Alessandra de Rossi and Empoy Marquez are already known for their comedy. But this time, we’ll get to see the tandem in a heartbreaking drama – a challenge especially to Empoy who’s less experienced in the genre. Alessandra shares that after reading the script, she immediately called Sigrid and jokingly asked, “Direk, acting piece ito ha. Kaya ba ni Empoy?”

2. Empoy’s acting coach is none other than Golden Globe nominee Dolly De Leon

Director Sigrid Bernardo asked none other than Golden Globe and BAFTA nominee Dolly De Leon to coach Empoy Marquez for Walang KaParis. Dolly also stars in the film that was shot both in Paris, France and Baguio City.

3. Walang KaParis shows a different side of Paris

Instead of the tourist attractions that Paris is famous for, the movie is set in Paris’ lesser known spots. Inspired by her friends who lived in Paris, Director Sigrid Bernardo wanted to show the parts of the city that people don’t usually see.

4. KZ Tandingan is also back on board – this time singing Rey Valera’s Walang Kapalit 

After KZ Tandingan’s hit remake of Two Less Lonely People in the World for Kita Kita, the singer is also back to sing the movie’s theme song – Rey Valera’s classic hit, Walang Kapalit.

5. For Genre director Sigrid Bernardo, no one compares to ALEmpoy

Director Sigrid Bernardo also shares how Alessandra and Empoy are the only pairing for whom she’s ever done romance films. This has worked out well for Director Sigrid, too, as the love pairing has reached blockbuster status.

Walang KaParis will be available for streaming worldwide starting Thursday, March 23, on Prime Video. Kita Kita is also now on Prime Video, along with thousands of amazing titles – all for only Php 149 per month.

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