XG Releases Music Video for "Left Right"

XG has unveiled the music video for “LEFT RIGHT”, a track taken from their third single “SHOOTING STAR”. The concept of this music video is based on traveling in unexplored expenses in space, with minimalistic and stylish performance of the group members contrasting with the 70’s-90’s themed set and wardrobe.

Since its premiere on January 25th the music video for “SHOOTING STAR” has been swiftly gaining views - 16 million and still counting. The live stage videodance practice video and performance video have all entered rapid-rise charts and received wide acclaim globally.

Both tracks are quintessential XG, and encapsulates their energy with the statement "Trust URSELF & Be what U want to be". While “SHOOTING STAR” conveys the girl group’s desire to grow into world-class artists, “LEFT RIGHT” expresses their determination to set their own direction and push for new frontiers.

It has been non-stop for XG since the single release - they have appeared on 11 popular Korean music TV shows and completed numerous interviews with major media outlets from the U.S. as well as India over the past weeks.

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