Ena Mori Set To Perform At SXSW's First All-Asian Festival in Texas

Asian-owned American entertainment company Jaded has teamed up with Seoul-based alternative K-Pop band Balming Tiger to present Tiger Den at the world-renowned South by Southwest® Music Festival (SXSW®) on March 15, 2023.

Tiger Den is the first full-day music event in SXSW history to exclusively feature artists from the Asia region and diaspora. The event is curated by Jaded and Balming Tiger and will feature a whopping 19 artists on two stages at the beloved venue Cheer Up Charlies in downtown Austin, Texas.

Headlined by Balming Tiger, the event will also host performances from Singaporean pop artist Shye, Malaysian R&B artist Lunadira, Indonesian hip-hop artists Yacko & Tuan Tigabelas, Filipino pop singer Ena Mori alongside a cohort of rising South Korean DJs, and many more exciting artists.

Balming Tiger
"Not only it will be my first time performing in the States but being able to represent my heritage as an Asian artist at Tiger Den is exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. I am looking forward to experiencing incredible music with many artists and meeting them in person!" – Ena Mori



Yacko & Tuan Tigabelas

Ena Mori

For many of these artists, Tiger Den will be their first performance in the United States, and for some, their first time travelling stateside. Jaded and Balming Tiger are proud to be part of such meaningful milestones and are excited to spotlight these distinctive artists in front of an international audience.

Tiger Den is an evolution of Jaded’s and Balming Tiger’s individual inaugural events at SXSW 2022. Jaded’s 2022 event, headlined by Japanese pop band CHAI, was the first pan-Asian cross-genre official showcase in SXSW history. Meanwhile, Balming Tiger’s 2022 event Joyful Delivery was the first Korean artist-presented official showcase in SXSW history. This year, both parties form a synergistic partnership to present an expanded joint event, once again marking a historical first at SXSW.

“Balming Tiger and Jaded share a mutual goal to champion Asian youth culture
throughout the world. We are excited to introduce many rising talents to a new audience, and to bring our positive message and energy to Austin once again.” – San Yawn (Director, Balming Tiger) 
“We believe in the positive impact that the next generation of Asian artists will have on global pop culture, and we are dedicated to creating opportunities for them to be seen and heard in markets where they historically have limited access.” – Jing Wang (Founder, Jaded) 

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