XG's Third Single “SHOOTING STAR” is Out Now!

XG has released “SHOOTING STAR” via digital streaming services as well as on limited edition box set today! The long-awaited third single is a spacewalk through a dream-like soundscape that showcases powerful rap and exceptional vocals from the seven-member girl group. The lyrics express their single-mindedness in achieving world-class status as artists. The accompanying music video features XG as next generation cool kids from a system beyond ours who have brought with them their unique musical expression, and presents their compelling vision of a world without boundaries.

The “SHOOTING STAR” single also includes an extra track, “LEFT RIGHT”, an addictive song - its lyric "The only direction I know" embodies XG's philosophy of never being swayed by others, belief in one’s self and to always push ahead.

Both tracks on this release are quintessential XG, and encapsulates their energy with the statement "Trust URSELF & Be what U want to be".
A live performance SHOOTING STAR LIVE STAGE has premiered shortly before the release of the music video - featuring both tracks, “SHOOTING STAR” and “LEFT RIGHT”, the livestream brought together enthusiastic viewers from all over the world, who communicated their appreciation in the comments section.
XG has previously posted a whole host of additional videos such as choreography and dance practices for their first two singles 'Tippy Toes' and 'MASCARA'. Fans can look forward to more innovative content XG will deliver for this latest new single!

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