Kim Seon Ho Charms Filipino Fans with Natural Charisma

After years of waiting and containing all the “kilig” and heartaches, the day has come for his Pinoy fans – Ehem, us! – to show our support as we finally meet and greet one of our favorite Korean leading men, Kim Seon Ho. With thousands of excited Pinoys fans, mostly clad in light blue color shirts, Kim Seon Ho’s first-ever fan meet and greet entitled “One, Two, Three. Smile!” was indeed an ultimate success worth celebrating - and blogging, at least for me. 😉😉😉

Started at exactly 5pm, Mall of Asia Arena rumbled as the Korean star entered the stage singing his version of Paul Kim’s “Every Day, Every Moment”. The Filo Seonhonidas were unstoppable in screaming their heart out as the Korean charmer, dress in in khaki ensemble, approached the stage looking so fresh and happy to finally see his Pinoy fans.

The amazing setup and the gigantic LED screen, which are mostly showing Seon Ho’s face made every one more “kilig” as his dimples show up every time he smiles. I must commend the amazing effort put up by Pulp Live World for the very organized procedure they had from falling in line to get inside MOA Arena until the show ends and safely led everyone out.

The program lasted for two hours, and I must admit that was so short especially when you are having fun – or just simply getting lost in Seon Ho’s amazing personality and attracting smile. Haha! The charm, quirkiness and great acting that we saw and admired from him on his TV shows were very evident that afternoon. The program was even made more fun and exciting with Kring Kim as the host – I super love this girl. I really admired her even during her “I Do” days. Super love her unique personality.

Going back, the show was divided into two segments: first, the getting to know portion, and the second, the play time. It was wonderful to see for some fans having a chance to meet him up close. He looked shy and nervous, but he is very accommodating to his fans and really up for the games prepared for the show - a fan service worth remembering.

The first part was quite show where we witness Seon Ho, act, dance and sing. The second part, where Seon Ho left the stage for a quick outfit change show a much more relaxed and handsome-looking presence. He went back on the stage wearing a denim ensemble, which I believe are from Bench. I must admit, the color blue really brought the best of him. He looked even fresher and cooler, with a silhouette of his chest, which made some of the fans scream.

The second part composed of games that showed the Seon Ho we all loved from "2 Day, 1 Night." It's true, he is really competitive, but it was fun to see. He really meant to give everyone a great time seeing and watching him live. Though, I must admit that the game with jumping rope was too tiring to watch, I bet Seon Ho had a great as well as the chosen fan who were picked to join the fun. 

To those ladies who came in wedding gown - all props to your antiques! you really gave more color to the show and I seriously enjoyed watching them as well.

The most touching part of the program came at the later part when Seon Ho watch the video message prepared by Filo Seonhonidas. From the large LED screen, everyone can see how we tried to hold back his tears aftering feeling touched and grateful for all the messages he saw that moment. Kudos to the organizers for having this part.

Seon Ho promised that he'll try to comeback again, and he'll do his best to provide all his fans quality shows and movies that will make them more proud of supporting him.

I've been to many fan meet and greet, and I honestly think that this Kim Seon Ho's show tops my list of the most fun and memorable one. So, I guess, all I can say is til next time, Kim Seon Ho! We hope you had a great time here in the Philippines! See you again!

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