#AlexReviews: RAKKS Gears’ Balhin Wireless Gaming Mouse

Gone are the days where we have to deal with wired mouse with scrolling ball inside. Though, I must admit that I sometimes miss having that kind of mouse for gaming and surfing on the Net, the new and upgraded types of mouse that are available in the market provide not just convenience but fun and color that are suited to our changing lifestyle. Meet RAKKS GEARS’ Balhin Wireless Gaming Mouse!

Taking pride for its trimode connectivity – Bluetooth, 2.4G and wired, the latest RAKKS GEARS’ Balhin is set to provide a smooth and enjoyable user experience suited for gaming, work, or even school. Aside from its connectivity, users can also find further convenience with Balhin’s interchangeable grips, 110mm and 125mm, which are engineered to fit all hand grips, play styles, and preferences. These shell cases come free in every box of Balhin.

While the usage of mouse is limited to scrolling, Balhin is equip with an extensive PIXART PAW 335 sensor that offers a 16,000 DPI resolution for clearer, and faster and smoother scrolling. In terms of physical appearance, Balhin offers an enjoyable experience with its built-in RBG Lighting, which can be customized through its software. Not only that, users can also customize its six buttons, polling rate, DPI and other settings. So, whether you’re gonna use it for work, school or gaming, you can create profiles within its software that can provide maximized usage any way you like it.

Balhin’s minimalist look is what attract me more. I rarely use white colored mouse since it’s prone to visible dirt, but with Balhin shell cases, I don’t have to worry about it. Its’ lightweight too offering only 96g with is small case, and 170g with its big shell. The cord that comes with Balhin is 1.6m long, but if you really want to maximize its features, use the Bluetooth connectivity because it offers 800 to 2400 DPI.

For tinkers, each purchase of Balhin also comes with an extra cap and one set of PTFE feet, which can provide you further customization. Balhin is ambidextrous, so yeah, feel free to customize it base on your liking. Just take note that altering the product may void the warranty, so make you that you still adhere with RAKKS GEARS’ warranty policy for security.

RAKKS GEARS’ Trimode Connectivity Balhin is available on Easy PC, Lazada and Shopee for only PHP1,795. For other details and specs, you may visit RAKK GEARS.

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