Viral TikTok Trends to Try with vivo Y16

From dance showdowns to lip sync challenges, TikTok has now become a go-to platform for many Filipinos to educate, tell stories, entertain  and much more.

For some, the app is a fun way to spend leisure hours but to aspiring and professional content creators, TikTok is serious work. Whether you’re a professional hoping to share tips to young dreamers or someone living their best life wishing to inspire others, TikTok is one of the best platforms to start your content creation dreams on.

To help you get started,  you’ll first need a reliable device to help you execute your ideas in great quality. The vivo Y16 has a powerful battery, wide screen, high-quality camera, smooth and lag-free performance and, best of all, an enormous memory capacity, all made to capture your soon-to-be viral TikToks.

The second thing you need is a good grasp on the viral trends on the app. Want your videos to garner more views, likes, comments and shares? Get ready to press record and take advantage of these TikTok trends.
Create a montage of your favorite memories – “As It Was”
Whether it’s a recent out-of-town trip, memories you’ve shared with important people in your life, or a collection of photos and videos you took in a month, this trend is a chance to share your best memories with your followers. By bringing your photos and videos together with your favorite songs, you can turn the memories on your phone into short films that you can watch when feeling nostalgic.

To do this, you will need an impressive storage capacity so you can keep numerous photos and videos while making room for more. One of the vivo Y16’s main highlights is its enormous storage capacity. Powered by the MediaTek P35 octa-core processor, the vivo Y16 has a 5GB Dynamic RAM and 128GB ROM. It even supports a memory expansion of up to 1TB using its triple card slot! Now, you can save all the photos and videos you’ve taken from years ago on your vivo Y16 without needing to delete files for memory space.

Flex your favorite things – “It’s Corn!”
TikTok has the most unlikely yet LSS-inducing audio to flex one’s favorite things and it’s called ‘It’s Corn!’. The audio, which is a catchy remix of an adorable interview of a child who explained his love and fascination with corn, is used by many people to flex the little things they love, whether it’s their pets, favorite food, activities– anything!

With vivo Y16’s 5,000mAh battery that supports 10W fast charging, you can ‘flex’ all the things you want and love all-day. Your phone will always have enough power for you to capture a video of your cat sleeping or playing around, your blooming plants in the backyard, or even your favorite workout routine! The vivo Y16’s big battery allows you to record, flex, and share to the world your love for “corn,” whatever it might be for you.


Transform your photos into AI masterpieces – “AI Art filter”
TikTok is popular for its wide library of interesting filters that range from beauty to green screen filters. One creative filter uses AI technology to transform photos into  magical and otherworldly AI art masterpieces. Many users have tried this filter and shared what their photos have evolved into. Some photos transformed into a garden-like painting while some, a futuristic dystopian image.

Make sure that all the colors and graphics in your TikTok videos are perfect before you share them with your followers. Thanks to vivo Y16 6.51-inch Halo FullView™ Display with 1600x720 high definition plus resolution, you can now have a clearer and more immersive view of your AI masterpiece. The vivo Y16 display also features an intelligent brightness adjustment that adjusts based on ambient light conditions and filters out harmful blue light so you can marvel at your AI Art and fellow creators’ content in all their majesty.


Have your concert moment – “I’m Not the Only One”
No one does hilarious TikToks better than Filipinos. One of the trends made popular by our local TikTok users uses the song I’m Not the Only One by Sam Smith and even follows a complete direction. It starts with a main character entering a well-lit room while slipping on sunglasses. He or she approaches a random item, be it an electric fan, a mop or a lamp, which they will use as a “microphone”. After taking hold of the “microphone,” the room lights turn off and will be replaced by camera flashlights being swayed by extras surrounding the main character who lip syncs the chorus of the song.

Gather the barkada and do this trend together with the vivo Y16 as it boasts an AI Dual Rear Camera which ensures that each member of your crew is picture and video-perfect in your content. The vivo Y16 camera even has several photo modes such as Panorama, Face Beauty, Live Photo, Time Lapse, Pro Mode and Documents in case you want to take a snap with the barkada afterwards.

The vivo Y16 is available via vivo’s official  website, Lazada, Shopee, TikTok  shop and through vivo’s offline stores and kiosks nationwide. For more information on vivo’s latest news and updates, please visit vivo’s official Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube channels.

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