Ready, Set, 2023!

If there’s one thing that the past couple of years thought us, that is to be always ready for any emergency - emotionally, physically, and most especially, financially. While there are hundreds of ways to keep ourselves safe and protected, there are just some things that we cannot avoid, hence aside from insurance and healthcare subscriptions, it is always best to have cash on hand.

In recent years, we’ve seen how the global economy has suffered from various restrictions caused by the pandemic. As some countries continue to weather the crisis, in the Philippines, many are experiencing the challenge of inflation and unemployment.

This Holiday Season, as we receive our extra blessings from our work or loved ones, please don’t forget to save something for future use, so that you don’t have to worry that much just in case another emergency hit the town.
Think About Tomorrow
Saving is one of the basic learnings that we were taught about when we were all young, but despite that, many are still struggling to do it. Having an efficient and handy calculator that offers great assistance in saving money and provides a report that includes the value of our savings can be a great tool for this life-long journey. From the basic idea of saving to computing the interest, you’ll gain from your savings to reach your saving goals is a great way to push for this goal. Not only that, whether you are saving for an emergency fund, travel fund, college funding, or even retirement, having a reliable tool, which is easy to access and free is a big step towards your savings goal next year.
If you'll ask me, next year, I’m planning to move out of my parent’s house to my place. Though it’s quite far, I’m looking forward to having my place. Since I have some more renovation that I need to make – especially in the kitchen – I need to save a good amount of money for the construction of my dream kitchen. For this, I’m saving almost 80% of my 13th month pay this year. And I’m planning to save as much as 30% of my monthly salary to achieve this goal. Through, I can easily monitor the growth of my money over some time.
In the meantime, as I continue to save for my future, I’m also planning to lessen my spending using my credit cards. Through Credit Card Calculator, I’ll be able to control my spending to a minimum level, especially now that I’ll be able to see the interest that I’m incurring from my debts. Oh, my God! Hahaha!
Let’s Start Now!
The next year, though still seem cloudy, is gonna be a promising one, personally. As much as I want to say that this is just some New Year’s resolution BS, I’m afraid that I have to commit myself to this goal. So, if you have other suggestions on ways for me to generate more income, please let me know. Hahaha! What I feel is important is that I have to start it now. I’m not getting any younger and having an investment and a home that I can call my own is an aspiration I have had since I was a child.
The past years have brought so many learnings to our lives that we have to take seriously. Keeping ourselves and our families safe and sound all the time should always be a top priority. Securing our future takes a different level of courage that must start now, and whether it is physically, emotionally, or financially, preparing ourselves for the future, along with our loved ones, is a commitment that we should work together as one global community.

May the blessings of the coming year shower upon us! Happy Holidays, everyone!

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