RAKK Gears Launches Tri-Mode Mechanical Keyboard Sinag 98

RAKK Gears is soon to release new and exciting gaming peripherals before the year ends, just in time for the Holiday season. Catering to the different needs of the gaming community, the day has come for all keyboard enthusiasts, as the company is launching its state-of-the-art barebone and gasket-mounted mechanical gaming keyboard, the RAKK Sinag 98

RAKK Sinag-98, gleam of light in Tagalog, is a 98-key layout mechanical keyboard that has an aluminum knob that gives users easy access and full control of their settings without losing focus on their gameplay. Sync the mood with its built-in RGB lights, and complete every task expediently using numerical keypads and navigation keys.

One of our go-to contributors from the keyboard community Mr. Myk De Jesus (Mykeys) who recently joined the RAKK team’s product development team, was hand on in developing this product ensuring that the needs of the community will be served.

Each detail whether how small is considered, to give future users maximum switch compatibility and the best smooth-typing experience, south-facing PCBs were utilized in RAKK Sinag-98. The keyboard also comes with software named Spectrograph that allows users to control the brightness of their RGB lights. Users can now match their lights on every beat of their music and choose from different animations available to tailor their preferred lighting in their workplace.

RAKK Sinag-98 fused a Gasket Mounted Keyboard to ensure a softer and cleaner sound on every press—giving users a more comfortable feeling on every touch, including universal hot-swap sockets, a volume knob, and a polycarbonate plate to maximize customizability and durability. Mod your RAKK Sinag-98 how you want and make your dream a reality as it comes with screw-in stabilizers to ensure the firmness of your keyboard keys from shaking, rattling, and tilting while doing any of your tasks and hardcore gaming.

Connect all your devices using the RAKK Sinag-98 keyboard as it supports a wide range of devices through its Tri-mode functionality, from Windows and Android to macOS and iOS, use this keyboard wired or wireless, with Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz connectivity. 

Don’t miss this reasonably priced mechanical gaming keyboard and add this to your collection. Get them from the RAKK Official Stores on Shopee and Lazada, and EASYPC before they run out of stock! Bring home one today for only ₱3,495.

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