RAKK Gears’ Releases Newest Full Aluminum Mechanical Keyboard

More new products from RAKK Gears! Catering to the different needs of the gaming community, the day has come for all keyboard enthusiasts, as the company has launched its very first full aluminum keyboard, the RAKK Haribon

RAKK Haribon, named after one of the rarest birds in the world, the Haribon or Haring Ibon, is RAKK’s first full aluminum keyboard. This 67-key keyboard has a layout resembling the wings of a bird and a keyboard case made of aluminum 6063, which brings heft weight and prevents accidental movement, especially in intense gaming. This keyboard captured the attention of gamers and keyboard enthusiasts after it was first introduced at the Grand Lason and the Esports and Gaming Summit (ESGS) events in October and November of this year respectively.

Comfort and customizability are the top considerations for this barebones mechanical gaming keyboard. With its unique Alice layout, build, and premium features, this keyboard is indeed a rare find. Through months of research and development, the RAKK Gears team once again partnered with one of the well-known mechanical gaming keyboard buffs to co-develop this product—the vision of Mr. Myk De Jesus (MyKeys) was taken into consideration in building this product to ensure that all the needs of the community will serve.
This also comes with RGB lighting ad keyboard keys you could customize using open-source software (VIA). Go wired or wireless and connect your devices how you want using its dual connection capability (Braided Type –C Cable and 5.0 Bluetooth). 

RAKK Haribon also has 5-pin universal hot-swap sockets, including screw-in stabilizers for secure installation and less movement making it stable and customizable. It also comes with a polycarbonate plate and foam dampeners to lessen the vibration and ping sound and a knob to adjust your desired volume how you want it.

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