Open Beta for Free-to-Play-and-Earn Game “JANKEN” begins December 15!

JANKEN, the world’s easiest free-to-play-and-earn-game based on rock-paper-scissors, enters the open beta stage starting December 15, 2022, giving fans of this classic hand game from Japan more time to download, enjoy, and get a better feel of its unique gameplay elements.

To add to the excitement, an actual campaign called "Catch the dream with JANKEN! Get your share of $10,000!" will likewise be launched officially in the Philippines and will be running until December 28 this year. Registration is free and the game is available on Google Play and App Store (you can also download here).

Joining is easy, and the chances of winning are high!
To get a share of the $10,000 prize pool, you just need to register with gleam and join the campaign by following 3 easy steps as outlined in the game’s official page (https://jankengame/event2022).

How to join: 
  1. Clear all actions on the official campaign page.
  2. Download the JANKEN App and create a JANKEN account using the same email address provided for the campaign.
  3. Participate in the JANKEN Matches.
Unlike other games, your chances of winning at JANKEN’s latest campaign are high given that there’ll be a total of 100 players declared as winners.

The total cash prize will be divided as follows:
  1. First place in number of wins get $5,000
  2. Second place in number of wins get $2,500
  3. Third place in number of wins get $1,000
  4. 4th to 5th placers get $500; 6th to 7th get $150 each; while 8th to 10th placers get $100 each
  5. The remaining 90 winners will partake of the rest of the cash prize amounting to $50 each
Ranking will be declared based on the number of wins a player gets at the end of the tournament. After the ranking is determined, an email will be sent to the email address provided to the gleam campaign, informing participants of the reward and interview procedures. Lastly, rewards will be distributed as MOOI and will be sent to their respective MOOI wallets.

Janken Match Rules!
The rules of the game are simple. Each set contains 3 rounds and the goal is for the player to win 3 rounds using 4 cards. The JANKEN Card (J-Card) is also assigned with a rarity of either Common, Rare, Epic, or Legendary. Cards can be used as material to level up other cards, where higher-level cards will allow the player to participate in more types of matches.
Common, Rare, and Epic cards can come from the Gacha, while Legendary cards can be won as a reward for participating in the leagues! Only a few people will be able to get their hands on Legendary cards, making them very valuable in-game.
Check the video gameplay here. For more about the game’s mechanics, check out: You can also visit for more details.
Pre-registration on Gleam ends December 15:
By December 15, the pre-registration on Gleam for JANKEN’s “Catch the dream campaign” will have officially ended, with the first 100,000 people to have registered receiving 10 $MOOI each. A separate announcement on this will be made soon through Janken Twitter @JankenOfficial, so watch out for it!

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