Enjoyable “Me Time” this Holiday Season!

This Holiday Season, with many of us rushing so many things to meet different deadlines, attend parties and gatherings, and even do Christmas shopping for our loved ones, some are looking forward to a quiet night where we could spend some quiet and alone time with ourselves – a.k.a. “Me Time”.

Aside from watching our favorite shows and movies on streaming channels, or our favorite reading books while sipping hot chocolate, one other thing that you might want to consider in your list is spending a relaxing time in front of your laptop while playing some online games.
Let me be honest, I’m not a big fan of online games, but when I get bored and find some time to be creative or just want to chat with my close friends online, I simply open my laptop and start scanning different websites that I find entertaining and interesting. Recently, I stumbled upon this website that aside from helping in computing mortgages, also has a game page where you could enjoy some online games that will help your brain to focus or relax at some point.

Their online games are free and mostly focused on financial or money-related topics. Offering games for both kids and adults, I’m sure you’ll find this site a very nice tool for young ones to inspire them on topics such as real estate, business, or money through fun games. The adult section was classified accordingly as well. Aside from more challenging money games, they also have games that are about real estate, food business, non-food business, software development, and more.

If you are into a matching game, their simple yet very creative Mahjong Solitaire game will kill the boredom in you without giving you so much headache. It’s so easy to play and the graphics are nice and playful – something that will surely inspire the player. Through mahjong tiles, you can win each round by simply matching two identical tiles. The faster you match the tiles, the more chances of moving forward in the game.

For a more challenging game, I found myself beating the odds at this Real Estate Tycoon game that reminded me of one of my favorite board games, Millionaires. The goal of this game is to gain profit from the arbitrage of buying low and selling high. The buildings rise in value the moment they appear, then slowly go down as other properties exist. As the game gets more challenging, the buildings appear more quickly and some buildings cycle in price multiple times. You need to have a quick finger on this since prices will change in just a blink of an eye.

This site also shares other playful characters such as the PowerPuff Girls, which I think that young girls would love to see, then there are also Ben10 that are interesting for young boys. Meanwhile, for adults, you’ll be interested to check out their food-related games as well as sustainability-related games, which will inspire you to know more about our planet’s natural resources and how we can contribute to having a better and safer world, especially now that we’re spending the Holidays with our loved ones physically again.

So, don't stress yourself out this Holiday Season! Always fin that time where you can relax or just enjoy your alone time. Happy Holidays, everyone!

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