A Golden Christmas Story: Single Mom’s Life Takes a Happy Turn as a Golden Haven Ambassador

When thirty-year-old single mom Maria Christine Ua-o first chanced upon Golden Haven’s Ambassador Program in her social media newsfeed, she had no idea that it would be her ticket to financial independence and a more comfortable life for her family.

Maria Christine Ua-o together with Golden Haven's Operations head, Ms. Emelia Lustado.

Golden Haven’s Ambassador Program is a digital marketing campaign open to anyone of legal age who may want to explore the rich income-generating opportunities in promoting and selling Golden Haven’s memorial lots, columbariums, and mausoleums through online platforms.

Those who sign up for the program undergo four sessions of capacity-building training from the comfort of their home. “It was something new to me,” Maria Christine Ua-o, or Tin as she likes to be called, enthused. “But I have a baby to raise and the rest of my family to help provide for, so I was willing to try—and work hard to succeed at it.”

Golden Haven’s capacity-building training serves to hone each ambassador’s digital marketing skills, teaching them essential tips on how to tap potential clients and assist them in securing memorial properties as investments. As in any other marketing job, hard work and perseverance are a must, of course, but in Tin’s case, she was further driven by her aspirations for living the best life.
Fortunately for the ambitious young mother from Cagayan de Oro, Golden Haven is a highly trusted name in Philippine death care, gaining recognition through the years for its beautifully themed memorial parks across the country. Each Golden Haven development sprawls over a vast terrain made lush by verdant greenery—a wonderful complement to the park’s striking landscape design and elegant architectural motif.

Golden Haven’s Ambassador Program is a digital marketing campaign open to anyone of legal age.
Upon learning about Golden Haven Memorial Park’s award-winning features, Tin affirmed why its more than thirty nationwide projects were easily deemed noteworthy investments. Her enthusiasm was contagious as she learned the valuable art of closing deals to help her esteemed clients avail of these. Tin was especially appreciative of the fact that digital marketing meant doing her job well from her little workstation at home, where she could keep an eye on her child as she managed her sales production.
Today, Tin is doing very well as one of the top-performing Golden Haven Ambassadors nationwide. She has transformed her life from one of the constant challenges into one of comfort and financial security. Her income allows her to provide for the needs of her baby—the financial rewards even enabled her to help her mother start a small business of her own.
“I’m very happy and super blessed,” Tin says of her life-uplifting experience as Golden Haven Ambassador. “I have a job I enjoy doing, something that makes me discover abilities I never knew I had. Now I want to be the very best version of myself as I chase after the rest of my dreams.”
Tin’s story should inspire her peers to seek their own life fulfillment. Never losing sight of her most important goal, which is to grant the best possible service to every client, Tin is keeping her eyes on the prize.
To date, Tin is happy to share with potential new ambassadors her most important advice: “Instead of working harder, try working smarter.” She also stresses cultivating an excellent work ethic and a strong relationship with customers, as they are the source of every Golden Haven Ambassador’s livelihood.
Those who wish to create their path to success can join the Golden Haven Ambassador Program today. To sign up, visit the Golden Haven Ambassador page on the company’s official website.
About Golden Haven
Golden Haven Memorial Park is a subsidiary company of publicly listed Villar-owned Golden MV Holdings Inc. Currently positioned as one of the largest real estate companies in the country. Golden Haven offers premium death care services and prime memorial lots. It is dubbed as the most lucrative real estate investment, with an average of 20% annual value appreciation.
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