Solane Launches Affordable and Safe Solane Sakto LPG

Aiming to provide Filipino families with safer and more affordable alternative, Solane, a trusted companion of Filipino households when it comes to cooking for over 50 years, recently unveiled its newest LPG product in the market, the Solane Sakto.

Solane Marketing Manager Kathy Mendez Cabisada and Solane Product Manager Gilbert Roque join Suzi and Chef Marky in exploring the new Solane Sakto LPG

“We have long cultivated Filipinos’ passion for cooking and celebration by providing safe and quality kitchen fuel over the decades through Solane LPG,” said Jose Antonio Gonzalez, CEO of Isla LPG, the company behind Solane. “Through the ‘tingi’ version of our trusted Solane LPG, we want more Filipinos to have access to affordable and quality kitchen fuel without compromising safety.”

Solane Marketing Manager Kathy Mendez Cabisada and Solane Product Manager Gilbert Roque with Suzi Entrata-Abrera

Despite of the rising prices, this Christmas, Solane wants to make sure that more Filipinos enjoy their meals and celebrations without breaking the bank. Solane Sakto is a mini-LPG tank holding 1.4 kilograms of kitchen fuel, perfect for budget-conscious households, students, small families, and small businesses. Given its size, Solane Sakto is also a great tool for more adventurous trips with family and friends during the holidays. It’s the same safe, sustainable, and quality kitchen fuel Filipinos have known, but in a sakto size!

Chef Marky unveils the content of the mystery box he received from Solane

During its launch, 
Solane hosted the ‘Saktong Salu-salo with Solane’ event where guests were treated to mouthwatering dishes while enjoying an energetic chit chat with cooking enthusiast and proud long-time Solane user Suzi Entrata-Abrera.

Chef Mark Joseph Bartolome also shared how to cook simple yet filling chicken fajitas, showing how the Solane Sakto is easy to install on existing LPG or canister-fed cooking stoves.

One Solane Sakto tank, which costs PHP150 per refill, can last up to a week of cooking for the typical family of five. During unforeseen situations or emergencies, it can be used as a backup LPG tank, lasting up to 3-4 days for heavy cooking. Solane Sakto is affordable and is a safer alternative than charcoal fuel wood and other dangerous fuel sources such as LPG-refilled butane canisters. It is the only small LPG SKU that is safe and compliant with the Department of Energy for indoor use.

Like Solane 11 kilogram AS and POL tanks, authentic Solane Sakto cylinders also carry the important markings that certify their registration, the specific standards used, the date the cylinder was tested, as well as the tare weight in kilograms which is around 4.1 kg. Genuine Solane Sakto LPG tanks also come with a white biodegradable seal.

To order Verified Solane LPG, customers may call the Solane Hatid Bahay Hotline +63 2 8887 5555 (Metro Manila) or place their orders through the Solane mobile app or through the Web Ordering Platform. For inquiries, they may also text or call +63 918 8875555 or +63 917 8977555 or send a message to Solane’s Facebook Messenger account.

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