PKCL Twins: NFT x Dress Up Game Officially Released November 29!

Riding the Web3 phenomenon that is seen to be the future of the Internet, Cocone Corporation (Cocone) has dropped the world of Avatar into Web3 through a mobile game called 'PKCL Twins.' The new game is officially being released in the Philippines today, November 29, 2022 and is now available at App Store and Google Play.

With over 130 million users worldwide, Cocone Corporation has been known to craft top-class avatar app services. At the forefront of Web3 with a 10-year history in avatar app development, Cocone has created and designed over 1 million digital items, with over 13 billion digital items currently in circulation.

In PKCL Twins, users can now enjoy expressing themselves by using their senses to create a new personalized world.
Here are the details of PKCL Twins gameplay and how players can earn money through NFT:
Gather items, create and express your styles, then turn it into NFTs!
PKCL Twins is a blockchain service version of one of Cocone's signature avatar app titles, “Pokecolo Twins”.  Using the 2D picture book-like world of the service that launched in 2019 as a base, this new title has a refreshed look with the addition of many new great features.  'PKCL' is an abbreviation of 'Pokecolo', as well as the initials for the service's important themes of "Pop, Kawaii, Cool, and Lovely."
The word 'Twins' comes from the two avatar twins that you need to dress up and take care of in the game.
No tokens! A service that is easy to understand for those unfamiliar with Web3.
As with all of Cocone's services, an MOOI Wallet is required to export and import digital assets.  However, the game and its UIs are designed in such a way that those unfamiliar with blockchain and NFTs can easily jump right in. In particular, PKCL Twins have not included any token elements that are currently widespread in blockchain gaming. Rather, it has placed a higher focus on the NFT element and assets that users can obtain by using the service.

The main target audience, women in Southeast Asia!
Blockchain games that target women players are rare among blockchain services. Thus, PKCL Twins expects to find success by tapping young women as its audience, especially in the Southeast Asian market. The reason is simple: blockchain games are currently enjoying great success in the region, where the appeal of Japanese 'Kawaii' culture is widespread and well-understood. In addition to the Philippines, PKCL Twins is now also being released on a global scale, but it is not yet available in Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore, UAE, France, and Belgium.
The app will use the Cocone Group blockchain network, 'MOOI'.
MOOI blockchain network was released in the summer of 2022 and Cocone currently continues to develop and create a variety of future technology products, including Web3 apps, an NTF Marketplace, and a wallet. As the first NFT-based service out of Cocone's office in Tokyo , PKCL Twins allows its users to create NTFs by putting together the items used to dress up their Twin avatars. From there, players can simply buy and sell it via NFT Marketplace.

There will be a series of events with various prizes to celebrate the launch of PKCL Twins, so make sure to follow PKCL Twins social media on Twitter @PKCLTwins in order not to miss out. For more details. you can also visit the official website of PKCL Twins at

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