P&G wins Diversity Company of the Year Circle of Excellence Award

At the recently concluded 20222 Asia CEO Awards, Procter & Gamble (P&G) Philippines won the Diversity Company of the Year Circle of Excellence Award. The multinational manufacturer is known to be a champion of equality and inclusion in the workplace.

In 2020, P&G launched the “We See Equal” program, a program to provide equal access for the development of both male and female employees through their  industry-leading policies, inclusive programs, and equitable practices, especially in traditionally male-dominated environments. 

As part of its “We See Equal” program, P&G pioneered an industry-leading parental leave policy called “Share the Care” policy that provides a minimum of 8 weeks paid parental leave for all types of P&G parents (biological and adoptive) to allow parents to bond and care for children new to their family.  This goes beyond the standard 7 days paid paternity leave mandated by the government and breaks old stereotypes that the mother is the sole and full-time caregiver for a new child. Meanwhile, birth or adoptive mothers continue to receive 105 calendar days of fully paid maternity leave. This has been in practice at P&G since 2017, ahead of the 2019 105-Day Expanded Maternity Leave Law.

P&G has also provided equal opportunities and inclusive work environments for persons with disabilities (PWD) through its recently launched Limitless program.  This helps create a more inclusive workplace and company culture where applicants and employees with disabilities and employees with disabled dependents feel valued, included, and can perform at their peak.

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